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Lick may refer to: * Licking, the action of passing the tongue over a surface


* Lick (crater), a crater on the Moon named after James Lick * 1951 Lick, an asteroid named after James Lick * Lick Township, Jackson County, Ohio, United States


* Lick (surname), people with "Lick" as a surname ** Dennis Lick (born 1954), American professional football lineman ** James Lick (1796–1876), American carpenter, land baron, and patron of the sciences * J. C. R. Licklider (1915–1990), American computer scientist, nicknamed "Lick"


* Lick (album), ''Lick'' (album), by The Lemonheads * Lick (band), an American band, fl. 1990s * Lick (music), a short phrase, or series of notes, often improvised by a musician * The Lick, a jazz lick, commonly known as 'The Lick' * Lick (song), "Lick" (song), by Joi


* Lick (stream), a small or ephemeral stream * Salt lick, a salt deposit that animals regularly lick

Other uses

* Lick's Homeburgers, a Canadian restaurant chain * Lick Observatory, an astronomical observatory in California named after James Lick * ''The Lick with Trevor Nelson'', a British music television show presented by Trevor Nelson

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