Kusum Dola (Bengali: কুসুম দোলা);is an Indian Bengali show which airs on most popular Bengali Entertainment first HD channel Star Jalsha. It premiered on Star Jalsha at August 22, 2016. It is being telecasted on everyday at 7 pm. This daily soap is produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures. It stars Madhumita Sarkar, Rishi Kaushik and Aparajita Ghosh Das in lead roles.The show is being remade in Tamil as Nenjam_Marappathillai_(TV_series). It airs on Star Vijay starting from October 9th 2017.


Kusum Dola is a story of three lives, Ronojoy, Imon and Rupkatha, whose lives get changed after certain incidents. Imon, the daughter of police officer Jayanta Mukherjee lives in Sundarpur where her father is posted. But Imon is everyday stalked and teased by Gogna, a local spoilt brat. Jayanta warns Gogna against teasing his daughter. Gogna too threatens him. On the other side, Ronojoy, an IPS officer lives in Kolkata with his joint family where people have different thoughts. On a trip to Jaisalmer, Ronojoy meets Rupkatha and both develop feelings for each other but they can’t express their feelings.Ronojoy tells Roopkotha that he will call Roop as he needs to say something to Roopkotha.Both understood that they fell for one another. Ronojoy gets posted to Sundarpur,but accidentally he loses his phone & could not contact Roopkotha. Roopkotha waited but when she did not get call from Rono she felt cheated & thought everything was maybe false.so decides to move on but incidentally fixes the marriage with Rono's brother. When Rono finds out Roop is about to get married to his brother,both cried & felt shattered.Roop asks Rono to marry & that she will break this marriage with his brother.But Rono does not agree for his loving brother,but commits her that Rono wil not give his love/heart to any other woman ever.Finally Roop marries Badshah with that assurance.In Sundarpur due to terrorist attack, Jayanta dies in the firing, for which Imon blames Ronojoy for her father’s death. Orphan Imon tries to commit suicide after that. Her villagers force Rono to marry Imon, Imon asks Rono to escape but Rono felt pity on her & marries Imon. But both can’t accept each other as husband and wife. Rono makes it clear that he has committed towards Roopkotha,who he could not marry due to an accident. Imon readily agrees not to keep any expectation from him & will leave as soon as she gets her career straight. Imon comes to Kolkata finally. Imon fights with Ronojoy's family because they are prejudiced and do not like Imon as they feel she forcefully intruded their family by marrying Ronojoy. Rupkatha, who had married Badshsh, an Army Officer who left in the night of their wedding. Rupkatha wants Ronojoy as she thought Ronojoy will keep the commitment towards her and will not involve himself with anyone else ever. But closeness of Imon & Rono starts to anger her as she started feeling cheated,Imon who is from a village lacks culture & is straight forward towards almost everyone around her including Roop, which makes Roop & Imon's relationship bitter day by day. Roop as well unable to accept Imon in Rono's life. Rono and Imon start getting emotionally involved with each other but neither reveal the truth to the other, Emon because she is aware of Rono's commitment and Rono because he is unable to convey his feelings to Emon, which infuriates Roop. Rono-Imon fight escalates & Imon takes decision of suicide again by having sleeping pills but she survives.In the meantime Emon finds Badshah and makes him return back & he thinks to start his life in a fresh way. But on the other hand Rono started getting away from Imon because of her refusal to understand his feelings for her. Again she fights with Rono & decides to leave town. But Imon has an accident and has to come back to Rono after Imon had an accident. In between Rono Imon relationship gets positive turn & Imon proposes to Rono on his birthday. Roopkotha is devastated to see this as Roopkotha still had feelings for Rono. Roopkotha feels sick & people assume she is pregnant,Badsha & Rono both were skeptical as both had no physical relationship with Roopkotha. Roopkotha lies for a day & says its Rono's child but next day she admits she never had intimacy with anyone.Roopkotha decided to leave but whole family stopped her again. After getting hurt many times by Rono, Roopkotha finally decides to move on with Badshah & decides to start her professional life as well. The family leaves for a Puja, where Imon tells everyone that she will stay with her Father in law soon after returning from college.But she comes hours late for her studies.In the meantime he has a cardiac arrest. Imon feels responsible & takes him to hospital but doctor tells her its very late & time has passed a lot from the attack.Listening to this the family bursts out on Imon,Rono has a huge tiff with Imon for such irresponsible act. After his recovery Imon meets Koli's boyfriend & wanted to marry Koli off. Initially reluctant Koli & her family later agrees & preparation of Koli's marriage starts. In the mean time Rono goes for an encounter where he sees his close friend Krishnomoy as typical hobinhood who is an anti-social in the eyes of law. Rono's team kills him in encounter where he asks Ronojoy not to kill his wife Shruti as she is pregnant and requests him to let his child be brought into the world. Rono wanted to fulfill his friends last wishes and tell to Shruti that Krishna gave him all responsibilities & asks Shruti to come to his city. Shruti denies at first but later agrees to come with Rono. Imon starts suspecting and fighting with Rono because Rono starts spending nights in hotel room with Shruti. Shruti gives birth to her child, and Rono gives him his name as father officially. Imon thinks that Rono is biological father of the child and thus files for a divorce and Rono starts living with Shruti in a separate flat. Rono goes to Imon to confront on divorce but Imon shows him the door. Imon gets pregnant and informs Ranojoy's mother who in turns informs the whole family. In meantime Krishanmoy returns and misunderstands Rono and Shruti as Shruti refuses to return with Krishanmoy for her baby's future. Krishanmoy Kidnaps Imon and Imon knows Shruti is Krishanmoy's wife. Rono rescues Imon but Imon decides to file lawsuit against Rono. On the other hand Shruti confesses her love for Rono, in court Rono knows Imon is pregnant and he informs Shruti. Rono tries to save Shruti from law so asks her to be witness of Govt.After Shruti's refusal,Rono goes to Krishanmoy in jungle to plead for Shruti & her baby. Badshah, Roopkotha, Imon & Shruti reaches there to save Rono, Imon tries to save Rono by negotiating with Krishanmoy but Krisanmoy shoots Rono & he loses blood. Shruti donates blood to Rono to save him whereas Imon gets possessive about Rono and gets into fight with Shruti as she did not like Shruti donating him blood. Imon urges to come back to Rono but Rono rejects Imon. Imon decides to go and live in Rono's family house to get back Rono while Rono escapes from hospital to avoid them.Rono goes to meet Shruti & Michil and shows his concerns for Michil while Imon reaches there & pleads Rono to come back for the shake of unborn baby. Rono rejects her plea. In court Rono was declared not guilty.Shramanjit & Madhuporna decides to get married.Rono receives award for his humanity & bravery for helping Shruti. With the help of their friend & lawyers Rono & Imon unites again. Gogna comes back & trying to kidnap pregnant Imon.But Gogna gets injuries. Imon gets the responsibility of Gogna in hospital.Rono asks Imon not to involve with Gogna but Imon refuses to listen.Later Imon has her baby shower ceremony,but during delivery Imon has a critical condition wherein Rono concentrates somewhere else [1][2]


Main cast

  • Rishi Kaushik as Ranojay Chatterjee/Rono - Lead, an IPS officer, formerly committed to Roopkatha in a relationship, Imon's husband
  • Aparajita Ghosh Das as Rupkotha Mukherjee (nee Ghosh) / Doll - Lead, Rono's first love who is now his sister-in-law
  • Badshah Moitra as Mrityunjoy Mukherjee "Badshah" - Parallel Lead, Rono's brother, Rupkotha's husband, a former army-man and social worker

Recurring cast and characters

The Chatterjee household First Generation

--- The Chatterjee siblings ---

  • Madhabi Mukherjee as Madhabilata Mukherjee "Madhu" --> Second one of the Chatterjee siblings and the eldest daughter of the Chatterjeee household; Badshah's mother; Rono's paternal aunt; Roopkatha's mother-in-law.
  • Sabitri Chatterjee as Sabitri Chatterjee "Sabu" --> The third Chatterjee sibling and the second eldest daughter of the Chatterjee household; Rono's paternal aunt; currently unmarried.
  • Santu Mukherjee as Jyotirmoy Chatterjee "Habu" -->Fourth one of the Chatterjee siblings and the second son of the Chatterjeee household, currently the patriarch of the Chatterjee family; Rono's father; Imon's father-in-law.
  • Goutam De as Hironmoy Chatterjee "Gabu" --> The fifth Chatterjee sibling and the third son of the Chatterjeee household; Tublu's Father; Rono's paternal uncle; Mithu's father-in-law.
  • Laboni Sarkar as Kumudini Bose (née Chatterjee) "Kumu" --> The sixth-known Chatterjee sibling and the youngest daughter of the Chatterjee household; Ananyo's wife (her marriage with Ananyo was disbanded forcefully by her family members, especially Nayanmani; later with Imon's help, she reunited with her husband and her long-lost son, Ani); Ani's mother; Rono's paternal aunt.
  • Anusuya Majumdar as Nayanmani Chatterjee --> The matriarch of the Chatterjee family and the wife of Jyotirmoy's elder brother, late Chinmoy Chatterjee; Koli's mother; Rono's aunt; Dipto's mother-in-law..
  • Rita Dutta Chakraborty as Radharani Chatterjee --> Jyotirmoy's wife and the second daughter-in-law of the Chatterjee household; Rono's mother; Imon's mother-in-law.
  • Suchismita Chowdhury as Sapna Chatterjee --> Hironmoy's wife and the third daughter-in-law of the Chatterjee household; Tublu's mother; Rono's aunt; Mithu's mother-in-law.
  • Shankar Chakraborty as Dr. Ananyo Bose --> Kumudini's husband; Ani's father; Rono's uncle; also Imon's professor at college.

The Chatterjee household--> Second Generation

  • Badshah Moitra as Mrityunjoy Mukherjee "Badshah" --> Madhabilata's son; Roopkatha's husband; Rono's elder cousin brother.
  • Bidipta Chakraborty as Kamalkoli Bose (née Chatterjee) "Koli" --> Nayanmani's daughter; Dipto's wife; Rono's elder cousin sister.
  • Suman Banerjee as Anirban Bose "Ani" --> Ananyo-Kumudini's son; Rono's elder cousin brother.
  • Rishi Kaushik as IPS Ronojoy Chatterjee "Rono" --> Jyotirmoy-Radharani's son; Imon's husband ; formerly had a soft corner for Roopkatha.
  • Sudip Sarkar as Tanmoy Chatterjee "Tublu" --> Hironmoy-Sapna's son; Mithu's husband; Rono's younger cousin brother.
  • Abhisek Chatterjee as Diptoman Bose "Dipto" --> Koli's husband; Rono's brother-in-law.
  • Aparajita Ghosh Das as Roopkatha Mukherjee (née Ghosh) --> Badshah's wife; Rono's sister-in-law as well as friend (who formerly had a crush on Rono).
  • Madhumita Sarkar as Imon Chatterjee (née Mukherjee) --> Rono's wife; a medical college student and an aspiring doctor.
  • Sneha Chatterjee Bhowmik as Mayitree Chatterjee "Mithu" --> Tublu's wife; Rono's sister-in-law.

Supporting Guest Casting

  • Chandan Sen as Jayanta Mukherjee --> Imon's father and a police officer (Deceased).
  • Subhadra Chakraborty as Bhanumati "Bhanu" --> Imon's caretaker and foster mother.
  • Phalguni Chatterjee as Nirupam Ghosh --> Rupkatha's father.
  • Saswati Guha Thakurata as Jayashree Ghosh --> Rupkatha's mother.
  • Joyjit Banerjee as Gogna --> a local goon of Sundarpur village [Antagonist].
  • Tathagata Mukherjee as Krishnomoy Bose "Kanhaiyya" --> Ronojoy's college friend, Shruti's husband, the leader of an anti-social rebel group of dacoits.
  • Roosha Chatterjee as Shruti Ghosh --> Krishnomoy's wife. Rono's previous Live-in Partner & close friend.
  • Koushik Roy as Shramanjit Ganguly - Rono's lawyer, Madhuparna's husband.
  • Madhubani Ghosh as Madhuparna Ganguly - Imon's lawyer, Shramanjit's wife.


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