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Key or The Key may refer to:

Common meanings

* Key (cryptography), a piece of information that controls the operation of a cryptography algorithm * Key (lock), device used to control access to places or facilities restricted by a lock * Key (map), a guide to a map's symbology * Key (music), a group of pitches in a piece * Key, on a typewriter or
computer keyboard A computer keyboard is a peripheral input device modeled after the typewriter keyboard which uses an arrangement of buttons or Push-button, keys to act as Mechanical keyboard, mechanical levers or Electronic switching system, electronic switche ...
* Answer key, a list of answers to a test


* Cay, also spelled key, a small, low-elevation, sandy island formed on the surface of a coral reef

United States

* Key, Alabama * Key, Ohio * Key, West Virginia * Keys, Oklahoma * Florida Keys, an archipelago of about 1,700 islands in the southeast United States


* Rural Municipality of Keys No. 303, Saskatchewan, Canada * Key, Iran, a village in Isfahan Province, Iran * Key Island, Tasmania, Australia * The Key, New Zealand, a locality in Southland, New Zealand

Arts and media


* ''The Key'' (1934 film), a 1934 film directed by Michael Curtiz * ''The Key'' (1958 film), a war film directed by Carol Reed, starring William Holden and Sophia Loren * ''The Key'', also known as '' Odd Obsession'', a 1959 Japanese film directed by Kon Ichikawa * ''The Key'' (1961 film), a Soviet animated feature * ''The Key'' (1965 film), a Yugoslav omnibus film * ''The Key'' (1971 film), a Czechoslovakian drama * ''The Key'' (1983 film), an Italian erotic film directed by Tinto Brass, starring Stefania Sandrelli * '' Kelid'' (''The Key''), a 1987 Iranian film written by Abbas Kiarostami * ''The Key'' (2007 film), a French thriller film directed by Guillaume Nicloux * ''Key'' (film), a 2011 film * ''The Key'' (2014 film), an American film directed by Jefery Levy


* ''The Key'' (Curley novel), a 2005 novel by Marianne Curley * ''The Key'' (Elfgren and Strandberg novel), a 2013 novel by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren * ''The Key'' (Tanizaki novel), a 1956 novel by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki * "The Key" (short story), a 1966 short story by Isaac Asimov * ''The Key'', a 1969 book of etymology by John Philip Cohane * ''The Key'', a magazine published by Kappa Kappa Gamma *''The Key'', a music publication of WXPN in Philadelphia


* Key (music), the scale of a piece of music * Key (instrument), part of a musical instrument used for playing or tuning * Keys, short for
keyboard instrument A keyboard instrument is a musical instrument played using a musical keyboard, keyboard, a row of levers which are pressed by the fingers. The most common of these are the piano, organ (music), organ, and various electronic keyboards, including ...


* ''Key'' (Meredith Monk album), 1971 * ''Key'' (Son, Ambulance album), 2004 * ''The Key'' (Joan Armatrading album), 1983 * ''The Key'' (Vince Gill album), 1998 * ''The Key'' (Nocturnus album), 1990 * ''The Key'' (Operation: Mindcrime album), 2015 * ''Keys'' (album), a 2021 album by Alicia Keys


* "The Key" (Speech Debelle song), 2009 * "The Key" (Matt Goss song), 1995 * "The Key" (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool song), 2010 * "Key", a song from the album '' Maid in Japan'' by Band-Maid * "The Key", a song by Edita Abdieski * "Key", a song from the album '' Minecraft – Volume Alpha'' by C418


* "The Key" (''Code Lyoko'' episode), 2005 * "The Key" (''Prison Break'' episode), 2006 * "The Key" (''The Walking Dead''), 2018 * "The Key" (''Yes, Prime Minister''), 1986 * "The Keys" (''Seinfeld''), a 1992 TV episode

Other uses in arts and media

* Key (character), a supervillain in the DC Comics universe * '' Kirby's Epic Yarn'' (''KEY''), a 2010 game by Nintendo * Key, the title character of '' Key the Metal Idol'', a Japanese anime OVA series * The Key, a painting by
Jackson Pollock Paul Jackson Pollock (; January 28, 1912August 11, 1956) was an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was widely noticed for his " drip technique" of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a ho ...


* Key (entertainer) (born 1991), South Korean entertainer * Key (surname) * Keys (surname)


* Key (basketball), a restricted area around the basketball net * Frederick Keys, a Double-A minor league baseball team


* Key (computing), a field in a computer file or database used to sort or retrieve records * Key (engineering), a type of coupling used to transmit rotation between a shaft and an attached item * KeY, a software verification tool * The Key (smartcard), a contactless smartcard for public transport ticketing in Britain * .key, file extension used by Keynote * Identification key, used to identify biological entities * Telegraph key, the button used by a telegraph operator

Other uses

* Key (company), a Japanese visual novel studio * The Key School, an independent coeducational school in Annapolis, Maryland * Keys, a truce term used in western Scotland * Amazon Key, a service by Amazon allowing customers to get deliveries inside of their home or car * House of Keys, the directly elected lower branch of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man *
Samara (fruit) A samara (, ) is a winged achene, a type of fruit in which a flattened wing of fibrous, papery tissue develops from the ovary wall. A samara is a simple dry fruit, and is indehiscent (not Dehiscence (botany), opening along a seam). The shape o ...
or key, a type of fruit

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