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Hey or Hey! may refer to:


* Hey (band), a Polish rock band


* Hey (Andreas Bourani album), ''Hey'' (Andreas Bourani album) or the title song (see below), 2014 * Hey! (Julio Iglesias album), ''Hey!'' (Julio Iglesias album) or the title song, 1980 * Hey! (Jullie album), ''Hey!'' (Jullie album) or the title song, 2009 * ''Hey! Album'', by Marvelous 3, 1998 * ''Hey'', by the Glitter Band, 1974 * ''Hey!'', by the Gruesomes, 1988 * ''Hey'', by Toni Price, 1995 * ''Hey: A Pixies Tribute'', a List of Pixies tribute albums, Pixies tribute album, 2003 * ''Hey!'', a mixtape by Selfish (rapper), Selfish and Hadj, 2017


* Hey (EP), ''Hey'' (EP) or the title song, by Le1f, 2014 * ''Hey!'', by Dzeko & Torres, 2012 * ''Hey!'', by the Regrettes, 2015


* Hey (Andreas Bourani song), "Hey" (Andreas Bourani song), 2015 * Hey (Fais song), "Hey" (Fais song), 2016 * Hey (Flow song), "Hey" (Flow song), 2011 * Hey (Lil Jon song), "Hey" (Lil Jon song), 2010 * Hey (Mitchel Musso song), "Hey" (Mitchel Musso song), 2009 * Hey! (Masaharu Fukuyama song), "Hey!" (Masaharu Fukuyama song), 2000 * "Hey", by Alvvays from ''Antisocialites'', 2017 * "Hey", by Bic Runga from ''Drive (Bic Runga album), Drive'', 1997 * "Hey", by Crystal Bernard, 1999 * "Hey", by Gillmor, opening theme for the U.S. sitcom ''Unhitched'', 2008 * "Hey!", by the Go! Team from ''Semicircle (album), Semicircle'', 2018 * "Hey", by the Goo Goo Dolls from ''Hold Me Up'', 1990 * "Hey", by Hanson from ''Underneath (Hanson album), Underneath'', 2004 * "Hey!", by the Hellacopters from ''Payin' the Dues'', 1997 * "Hey", by Leeland from ''Sound of Melodies'', 2006 * "Hey", by Low from ''Hey What'', 2021 * "Hey!", by MF Doom from ''Operation: Doomsday'', 1999 * "Hey", by Movielife from ''Forty Hour Train Back to Penn'', 2003 * "Hey!", by Oingo Boingo from ''Boingo (album), Boingo'', 1994 * "Hey", by the Pixies from ''Doolittle (album), Doolittle'', 1989 * "Hey", by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from ''Stadium Arcadium'', 2006 * "Hey", by the Suicide Machines from ''Destruction by Definition'', 1996 * "Hey (I've Been Feeling Kind of Lonely)", by Danny Saucedo from ''Heart Beats (Danny album), Heart Beats'', 2007 * "Hey! (So What)", by Dannii Minogue from ''Neon Nights'', 2003 * Rock and Roll (Gary Glitter song), "Rock and Roll" (Gary Glitter song), commonly known as "The ''Hey'' song", 1972

Other uses

* Hey (surname) * Hey (company), a Faroese telecommunications company * Hey (email service), an email service by Basecamp * Hey (magazine), ''Hey'' (magazine), a defunct Turkish music magazine * Hey, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province * Hanchey Army Heliport (IATA code)

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