fossa for lacrimal sac



A smooth, more deeply concave depression on the
lacrimal bone The lacrimal bone is a small and fragile bone of the facial skeleton; it is roughly the size of the little fingernail. It is situated at the front part of the medial wall of the orbit. It has two surfaces and four borders. Several bony landmarks of ...
, which forms the medial wall of the orbital cavity, in which the lacrimal sac that drains into the nasolacrimal duct is located, is referred to as the lacrimal fossa (or fossa for the lacrimal sac).

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Fossa for lacrimal gland The lacrimal fossa (or fossa for lacrimal gland) is located on the inferior surface of each orbital plate of the frontal bone. It is smooth and concave, and presents, laterally, underneath the zygomatic process, a shallow depression for the lacrim ...


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