View from Piz_Lagrev_across_Lake_Sils_into_Val_Fex.html" ;"title="Lake_Sils.html" ;"title="Piz Lagrev across Lake Sils">Piz Lagrev across Lake Sils into Val Fex">Lake_Sils.html" ;"title="Piz Lagrev across Lake Sils">Piz Lagrev across Lake Sils into Val Fex Val Fex (Romansh language, Romansh; german: Fextal) is a southern side valley from the Engadin, Upper Engadine in Switzerland, located at an altitude of around above sea level. It belongs to the municipality of Sils im Engadin/Segl. There are a few small hamlets in the valley, such as Fex Platta, Fex Crasta, Vaüglia at its entrance, and Muot and Curtins on the half way. At the very end one finds the ''Alp Muot Selvas'' () at the former (about 150 years ago) foot of the glaciers. The river Fedacla runs through the valley, starting at the feet of the three glaciers roughly from south to the north and enters the Lej da Silvaplauna in the Upper Engadine. The valley is dominated by several high Alpine mountains, Piz Corvatsch () to the east side of the valley, Il Chapütschin () in the far back of the valley, La Muongia () and Piz Tremoggia () above the glacier Vadret del Tremoggia, Piz Fora () above the glacier Vadret da Fex, and Piz Güz () and Piz Led () above the third glacier Vadret dal Güz. The valley is car-free, except for those belonging to residents. There are two small guest houses / hotels in the valley. A popular local attraction is a tour of the valley by horse sleigh out of Sils im Engadin/Segl, Sils, during both summer and winter. Valleys of the Alps Engadin {{Graubünden-geo-stub