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Development corporations or development firms are organisations established by governments in several countries for the purpose of
urban development Urban means "related to a city". In that sense, the term may refer to: * Urban area An urban area, or built-up area, is a human settlement with a high population density and infrastructure of built environment. Urban areas are created through ...
. They often are responsible for the development of new suburban areas or the redevelopment of existing ones.


In Australia development corporations are often responsible for the economic promotion and growth of areas considered to be under-performing economically. Such corporations include: *Central Coast Development Corporation (1998–); previously known as the Festival Development Corporation *Cooks Cove Development Corporation; based in The Rocks *Hunter Development Corporation (2007–); based in
NewcastleNewcastle usually refers to either: *Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne (, ), often simply Newcastle, is the most populous City status in the United Kingdom, city and metropolitan borough in North East England. It forms the Tyneside conurbati ...
* Honeysuckle Development Corporation (1992–2007; merged with the Regional Land Management Corporation to form the Hunter Development Corporation); based in Newcastle *Macquarie Point Development Corporation (2012–); based in Hobart, Tasmania *South Sydney Development Corporation (1996–2005); responsible for managing the Green Square, New South Wales, Green Square area


*Ørestad Development Corporation (1993–2007); responsible for urban redevelopment of Ørestad. It also constructed parts of the Copenhagen Metro.


*City and Industrial Development Corporation (1970–); agency of the Government of Maharashtra. Constructed the planned town of Navi Mumbai. Currently conducting urban infrastructure and new town developments. *Housing and Urban Development Corporation (1970–); agency of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. Responsible for building affordable housing and managing urban development.


*Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation (1986–); established by the Jerusalem Municipality.

South Africa

*Coega Development Corporation *Eastern Cape Development Corporation *Free State Development Corporation

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, New Town Development Corporations are organisations established under the New Towns Act 1946 by the Government of the United Kingdom, UK government, charged with the urban development of an area, outside the usual system of Town and Country Planning in the United Kingdom. Originally intended to manage the development of New Towns in the United Kingdom, they were also established for more substantial urban renewal programmes by the Town Development Act 1952.

Urban development corporations in England and Wales

New town development corporations

Mayoral development corporations

The Localism Act 2011 permitted the Mayor of London to create mayoral development corporations in Greater London. The Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016 later permitted the creation of mayoral development corporations in combined authority areas.

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