Allot Ltd., formerly Allot Communications, is an Israeli high-tech company that manufactures telecommunications equipment.


Allot was founded in 1996, by Michael Shurman and Yigal Jacoby. By 2004, the company raised $38 million in several rounds of funding from several
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. In November 2006, it became a publicly traded company on the
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Global Market under the ticker symbol ALLT. The
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raised $78 million. In November 2010, Allot's dual listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was approved. Allot provides network intelligence and network-based security products for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) of mobile broadband,
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, mobile satellite service, and
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carriers, as well as enterprises. In 2011, it was reported that equipment sold by Allot has illegally reached
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. However, in January 2012 Allot was cleared by the
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of any wrongdoing, as the investigation concluded that the company was unaware that the internet monitoring equipment it sold to the Danish distributor ended up in Iranian hands. Also in 2011, Allot settled a class-action lawsuit regarding securities fraud involving its stock whereby it agreed to pay $1.3 million (USD).


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