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To New Shores (German: Zu neuen Ufern) is a 1937 German drama film directed by Hans Detlef Sierck (later Douglas Sirk) and starring Zarah Leander, Willy Birgel and Viktor Staal. It was Leander's first film for the German studio UFA, and its success brought her into the front rank of the company's stars.[1] It was shot at the Babelsberg Studio in Berlin.


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Synopsis[edit] Gloria Vane, a singer in Victorian London, takes the blame for her aristocratic lover Sir Albert Finsbury's forging of cheques. She is sentenced to be transported to Australia. Sir Albert then refuses to marry her, which would have allowed her to be released from prison, because he has made a more important strategic match with Mary Jones, the daughter of the Governor of Sydney. Eventually Gloria marries a local farmer Henry Hoyer and goes to settle in rural Australia with him. Filled with remorse, Sir Albert shoots himself.[2] Main cast[edit]

Zarah Leander as Gloria Vane Willy Birgel as Sir Albert Finsbury Viktor Staal as Henry Hoyer Carola Höhn as Mary Jones Edwin Jürgensen as Gouverneur Jones Erich Ziegel as Dr. Magnus Hoyer Hilde von Stolz as Fanny Hoyer Jakob Tiedtke as Käsefabrikant Wells Robert Dorsay as Bobby Wells Ernst Legal as Stout Siegfried Schürenberg as Kapitän Gilbert Lina Lossen as Zuchthausvorsteherin in Paramatta Lissy Arna as Gefangene Nelly Herbert Hübner as Casino-Direktor Mady Rahl as Soubrette Lina Carstens as Bänkelsängerin Paul Bildt as Pfarrer und Friseur


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