Zla Kolata


Zla Kolata ( sr-cyrl, Зла Колата; sq, Kollata e Keqe) is one of the highest of the
Accursed Mountains The Accursed Mountains ( sq, Bjeshkët e Nemuna; sh, Prokletije, cyrl, Проклетије, ; both translated as "Cursed Mountains") also known as the Albanian Alps ( sq, Alpet Shqiptare; sh, Albanski Alpi) are a mountain group on the wester ...
, on the Border crossings of Albania, border of Montenegro and Albania.


Zla Kolata has an elevation of , making it the highest mountain in Montenegro, and the 16th highest in Albania. It is located on the border of the Gusinje Municipality, Gusinje municipality of Montenegro and the Tropojë district of Kukës County, Albania. Zla Kolata has an enormous summit and is a popular tourist destination in both countries. Standing half a kilometre to the northeast at , only slightly lower, is Kolata e Mirë or Kolata e Mirë, Dobre Kolata, also located on the Border crossings of Albania, border. The highest peak on this massif is a kilometer east-southeast of Zla Kolata and is completely on Albanian soil; it is called Rodi e Kollatës or Rodi e Kollatës, Maja e Kollatës. It rises to 2,552 m (8,373 ft); but despite the dramatic views into the Valbona Valley, is not as often visited.


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