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Izabella Krizia Dayot Marquez, more popularly known as Zia Marquez (born May 10, 1992), is a Filipina actress. She is currently a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents collectively known as Star Magic.


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Biography[edit] Background[edit] Izabella Krizia Dayot Marquez is the second daughter of actor Joey Marquez with former actress and producer Brenda del Rio. She is the sister of former child star Jowe Ann Marquez and half siblings are Jeremy Marquez and Winwyn Marquez. She is a niece of Miss International Melanie Marquez.[1] Career[edit] Zia had a taste of show business when she joined Ang TV
Ang TV
2 with her sister, Jowe Ann, in 2000. As a child star she has appeared in ABS-CBN shows like Maalaala Mo Kaya and Pangako Sa Yo.[1] In 2006, she was relaunched as a member of Star Magic
Star Magic
Batch 13. Now at her teens, Zia is more zealous than ever to carve a name in Philippine Showbiz. Aside from being an actress she has also thought of following in her aunt, Melanie Marquez's footsteps as a model and beauty queen. Filmography[edit]


Year Title Role

2000 Ang TV
Ang TV
2 Herself

2000 Pangako Sa Yo

2006–2007 Star Magic
Star Magic
Presents: Abt Ur Luv Giselle

2007–2008 Star Magic
Star Magic
Presents: Abt Ur Luv
Abt Ur Luv
Ur Lyf 2 Giselle

2008 Star Magic
Star Magic
Presents: Star Magic
Star Magic
Presents: Astigs
in Luvin Lyf Trish

2008 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Notebook classmate

2009 Kambal sa Uma Friend of Vira


^ a b Liabres, Aprylle (2008-05-06). "Another marquez makes her mark". City Times. Retrieved 2006-11-26. 

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Star Magic
Batch 13

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