Zhou may refer to:

Chinese history

* King Zhou of Shang () (1105 BC–1046 BC), the last king of the Shang dynasty * Predynastic Zhou (), 11th-century BC precursor to the Zhou dynasty * Zhou dynasty () (1046 BC–256 BC), a dynasty of China ** Western Zhou () (1046 BC–771 BC) ** Eastern Zhou () (770 BC–256 BC) * Northern Zhou () (557–581), one of the Northern dynasties during the Northern and Southern dynasties period * Wu Zhou () (690–705), an imperial dynasty established by Wu Zetian * Later Zhou () (951–960), the last of the Five dynasties during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period * Zhou (Zhang Shicheng's kingdom) () (1354–1367), a state founded by Zhang Shicheng during the Red Turban Rebellion * Zhou () (1678–1681), a state founded by Wu Sangui during the Qing dynasty

Other uses

*Zhou (surname) (), Chinese surname *Zhou (country subdivision) (), a political/administrative division of China *Congee (), a type of porridge *Zhou (Dota) is a Dota/Dota2 player who won The International 2012 as team captain.

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