Zhongyong of Wu


Zhongyong () was the second ruler of the ancient Chinese State of Wu according to traditional Chinese history. His Chinese surname, ancestral name was Ji Clan, Ji(姬), given name was Yong, and Zhong refers to his rank as the second son of King Tai of Zhou, King Tai of Zhou (state), Zhou and Jiang Yuan. According to traditional Chinese history, the youngest son of King Tai Ji Jili, Jili was so renowned for his wisdom that Zhongyong and his elder brother Taibo of Wu, Taibo voluntarily renounced their claims to the throne of Zhou and left instead to found the Wu (state), state of Wu near the mouth of the Yangtze. They settled at Wu (region)#Meili, Meili and improved the agriculture and irrigation systems of the local tribes. Taibo became the first king of Wu, but he left no children and was succeeded by his brother Zhongyong. The future king of Wu, kings of Wu were his descendants.Sima Qian. ''Records of the Grand Historian''.


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