The Info List - Zhao Chengjiao

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Chengjiao, titled Lord
of Chang'an (長安君 Chǎng'ān Jūn),[1] was Qin Shi Huang's paternal half brother. After Zhao Zheng inherited the title of King of Qin from his father King Zhuangxiang, he rebelled at Tunliu and surrendered to the State of Zhao.[2] King Daoxiang of Zhao granted him the territory of Rao (饒; modern Raoyang County, Hebei). In popular culture[edit] In Kingdom, he launched a coup that tried to kill Qin Shi Huang alongside his own faction. He was later overthrown by Wenchang-jun, Li Xin, loyalists and the mountain tribes. He was later pardoned and allowed leadership during Qin Shi Huang's campaigns. He was also appointed leader during a border war, but torn when the city he expected to be defended, rebelled. He was later killed by a rebel commander after being cornered, using him as an excuse to forment distrust to his brother. He also appeared as an enemy of Qin Shi Huang
Qin Shi Huang
and the protagonist Xiang Xiaolong (項少龍) in Huang Yi's novel Record of the Search for Qin (zh) and its drama (2001 and 2018 (zh)), game and comics adaptations. References[edit]

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