Zeta Phi Rho (ΖΦΡ) is a multicultural fraternity with ten chapters in southern California. This fraternity focuses on developing a diverse group of brothers committed to its philosophy - commitment to character, leadership, academics, and the community.


On Friday, March 28, 2014, University of Southern California's Zeta Phi Rho has once again taking Zeta Phi "Skid" Rho to another level, by making 17,341 sandwiches under one hour, and breaking a Guinness world record at the same time. With the help of the SEC committee, USC students and other organizations that have volunteered, participants are grateful to be a part of the event.[1]

The fraternity holds various philanthropies for the community such as SmokeOut At The Beach (Alpha Chapter, 2007) in an effort to raise awareness to the dangers of smoking, "Boot Camp" (Zeta Chapter, 2010) a philanthropy dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with HIV, and "Zeta Phi Skid Rho" (Gamma Chapter, 2001–Present) providing food for the homeless in the Skid Row area located in downtown Los Angeles.

"Zeta Phi Skid Rho," organized by the brothers at USC Gamma Chapter, annually results in the participation of well over one hundred students and dozens of student organizations from many Southern California universities. Working with the student volunteers, over five thousand sandwiches are prepared for the homeless in conjunction with the Midnight Mission and Union Rescue Mission. Other events include speaker events and fundraisers garnering awareness and funds for the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles and at large.[2]

Within the last four years, Zeta Phi Rho has adopted Habitat for Humanity (HfH) as its All-Chapter Benefit Charity. Events hosted to benefit HfH include an All-Chapter Halloween Party (2004), Charity Poker Tournament (Beta Chapter, 2006), Talent Show (Irvine Chapter, 2006), & House Warming Party (Epsilon Chapter, 2006).

Zeta Phi Rho focuses on raising cultural awareness with the Philip Vera Cruz/Cesar Chavez March (Alpha Chapter, 2008) and the "Raise the Roof" Benefit Concert (Alpha Chapter, 2008) for Gawad Kalinga, a philanthropic organization aimed at ending the worldwide poverty.

Another recent example of such cultural awareness as well as doing good for the community is demonstrated by the "Blu Carpet Affair" film festival, with all the proceeds donated to the Children of Uganda through Invisible Children (Eta Chapter, 2008). This was the first event of its kind, with multiple organizations across the UCLA campus participating in a friendly competition. Each organization created their own video to be presented in front of an audience and judges.


The 14 founding fathers of Zeta Phi Rho are:

  • Christopher Arnaldo
  • Francis Baylen
  • Carlo Boiser
  • Joseph Braza
  • Butch Callanta
  • Ian Carbonell
  • Archie Cardenas
  • Vincent Delupio
  • Johnnie Garcia
  • Ronald Hipol
  • Alfred Perdito
  • Jan-Michael Roy
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Greg San Luis


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