Zeta Phi Eta (ΖΦΗ) is a national professional fraternity in Communication Arts and Sciences.


Zeta Phi Eta is the oldest national group of its kind - it was founded on October 10, 1893 under the inspiration and guidance of Dr. Robert McLean Cumnock. The founding members were Edith DeVore, Maud Newell, Mollie Connor, Leila Little, and Laurine Wright. The fraternity was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois on June 25, 1902. In 1908, Zeta Phi Eta affiliated with Phi Eta Sigma, a local organization founded in 1901 at Emerson College, in Boston, Massachusetts. In the affiliation, the chapter at Boston became Alpha, and the one at Evanston, Beta. The cameo and pearl pin of Alpha became the official badge, and the shield and torch of Beta, the coat of arms. Zeta Phi Eta has expanded its areas of interest as the field itself expanded to include all communication arts and sciences. As of 1975, Zeta Phi Eta's Bylaws were amended to include men in its membership.[1]


Active Chapters

There are currently six active campus chapters of Zeta Phi Eta. Campus chapters are located at the following schools:

There are currently seven active professional chapters, located in the following cities:

  • Boston (MA)
  • Chicago North-Shore (IL)
  • Madison (WI)
  • Oklahoma City (OK)
  • Portland (OR)
  • Southern California (CA)

National Board

  • President: Blair Shiff
  • 1st Vice President: Paul Cantillon
  • 2nd Vice President: Andrew Kurtz
  • Treasurer: Danielle Kushner
  • Secretary: Mariesa Negosanti
  • Cameo Editor: Erika Genova
  • Advisory Board Chair: Elina Kotlyar

2015-2017 Appointed Officers:

  • Central Office Executive Director: Tyler Wilson
  • Foundation Executive Director: Valerie Glowinski
  • Webmaster: Tony Ascenso [2]