''Zero Landmine'' is an Extended play (EP) created to promote awareness of the problem of landmines and to promote a ban on landmines. Japanese recording artist Ryuichi Sakamoto led a collection of musicians to form a group called NML (No More Landmines), and they released the single ''Zero Landmine'' on April 25, 2001.


Sakamoto and other musicians were concerned about the issue of landmines remaining buried in several countries. Together with a number of domestic and foreign artists and musicians, Sakamoto formed the unit NML (No More Landmines). NML produced the EP recording ''Zero Landmine'', which runs for about twenty minutes with ethnic music and singing forming the bulk of the second half of the song. David Sylvian wrote English lyrics for the song. Proceeds from the CD of the recording have gone towards de-mining efforts and other related funds.

Track listing

#Zero Landmine #Zero Landmine – Piano + Vocal Version #Zero Landmine – Piano + Cello Version #Zero Landmine – Short Version #Zero Landmine – Piano Version #Zero Landmine – The Track

Participating artists

Japanese artists

*UA *Taeko Ohnuki *Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr. Children) *Miwa Yoshida (Dreams Come True) *Masato Nakamura (Dreams Come True) *Takahiro Nishikawa (ex-Dreams Come True) *Chara *Motoharu Sano *Hideki Matsutake *Teru (Glay) *Takuro (Glay, guitar) *Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards, piano) *Haruomi Hosono (bass) *Yukihiro Takahashi (drums) *Sugizo (guitar) *DJ Krush (Scratch DJ)

Foreign artists

*Brian Eno *Cyndi Lauper *David Sylvian *Dok-su Kim *Steve Jansen (drums) *Kraftwerk ( "Zero Landmine" sound logo) *Jadranka Stojaković *Waldemar Bastos *Jaques Morelenbaum *Nampula

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