Yuke's Co. Ltd. is a Japanese
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based in
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. It was established on 26 February 1993 by Yukinori Taniguchi. The company is best known for their development of the ''
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'' video game series, until the release of ''
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Founded in 1993, Yuke's was named after founder Yukinori Taniguchi's high school nickname. The first two games that the company developed were the platform game '' Hermie Hopperhead'' and the pro wrestling game ''Toukon Retsuden''. The latter title was a best-seller in Japan. Though Activision purchased the rights to publish the game in North America and began localization work, only the first game was localized, becoming ''Power Move Pro Wrestling'' with a different roster of wrestlers. After a string of successful ''Toukon Retsuden'' titles, the company began to develop wrestling games for THQ based on the World Wrestling Federation. They were recommended to THQ by Syn Sophia, Aki, who had developed their own successful line of wrestling games. From 2005 to 2012, Yuke's also owned 54% of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the top professional wrestling promotion in Japan. It was also their DVD production house. In August 2019, 2K Games announced it had moved ''WWE 2K'' game development away from Yuke's to California-based studio Visual Concepts. Earlier that year, Yuke's had revealed its frustration over what it had been able to achieve with recent ''WWE 2K'' games and suggested that its relationship with publisher 2K Sports was partly responsible. Producer Hiromi Furuta revealed that Yuke's had established a new development team tasked with creating a rival wrestling IP, with the intention of reinvigorating its staff. On November 10, 2020, All Elite Wrestling announced an upcoming console game with Yuke's, led by ''Def Jam Vendetta'' and ''WWF No Mercy (video game), WWF No Mercy'' director, Hideyuki "Geta" Iwashita.

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