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Yujiulü Shelun (Chinese: 郁久閭社崙, Simplified Chinese: 郁久闾社仑; pinyin: Yùjiǔlǘ Shèlún, Wade–Giles: Yü-chiu-lü She-lun) (c.391-410) was khagan of the Rouran
from 402[1] to 410. He came to power after his father Heduohan (曷多汗) was defeated and killed by the Touba Northern Wei. Shelun led retaliatory raids against Northern Wei, but suffered a serious defeat in 399 and was forced to flee westward. There he subjugated the Hulu (斛律) tribe and with their assistance he defeated the Gaoche, then declared himself Khagan. Shelun was the first major leader of the steppes to adopt the title of Khagan
(可汗) or Qiudoufa Khan (丘豆伐可汗) (which was originally a title used by Xianbei
nobles). In May, 410 he died and was succeeded by Yujiulü Hulü. References[edit]

^ Grousset, Rene (1970). The Empire of the Steppes. Rutgers University Press. p. 61. ISBN 0-8135-1304-9. 

Preceded by Yujiulü Heduohan Khagan
of the Rouran 402-410 Succeeded by Yujiulü Hulü

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