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You Take the Kids is an American sitcom that aired on CBS
from December 15, 1990, to January 12, 1991. The series starred Nell Carter, who also performed the theme song "Nobody's Got It Easy". You Take the Kids, which was perceived as being the black answer to Roseanne due to its portrayal of a working-class African-American family, featured Carter as a crass, no-nonsense mother and wife.


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Synopsis[edit] Carter stars as Nell Kirkland, the opinionated matriarch of a blue collar African American family living in Pittsburgh. Nell's husband Michael (Roger E. Mosley) worked as a bus driver while Nell gave piano lessons at the family home for extra money. The Kirklands had four children: the oldest, Raymond (Dante Beze), boy crazy daughter Lorette (Caryn Ward), 12-year-old Peter (Marlon Taylor), and 10-year-old Nate (Trent Cameron). In addition to the kids, Nell and Michael also had to contend with Nell's equally opinionated mother Helen (Leila Danette), who lived in the couple's basement.[1] Cast[edit]

Nell Carter
Nell Carter
as Nell Kirkland Roger E. Mosley
Roger E. Mosley
as Michael Kirkland Dante Beze as Raymond Kirkland Caryn Ward as Lorette Kirkland Marlon Taylor as Peter Kirkland Trent Cameron as Nate Kirkland

Production[edit] The series was scheduled on Saturdays at 8pm (EST).[1] It was canceled after six episodes (five were aired, but the sixth was pre-empted by CBS' special coverage of the Gulf War). You Take the Kids was executive produced by Paul Haggis. The series was produced by CBS
Entertainment Productions, MTM Enterprises
MTM Enterprises
and Paul Haggis
Paul Haggis
Productions, and is currently distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Episodes[edit]

No. Title [2][3] Directed by [3] Original air date Prod. code [3]

1 "Pilot" Paul Haggis December 15, 1990 (1990-12-15) 1458

Nell's and Michael's plans for a romantic getaway are complicated by Nate's new job: delivering stolen audio equipment.

2 "Merry Christmas to All and a Pointy Hat to You" Frank Bonner December 22, 1990 (1990-12-22) 0707

The Christmas tree and presents are stolen by a homeless family.

3 "The Eggs and I" J. D. Lobue December 29, 1990 (1990-12-29) 0704

Lorette's folks misunderstand when she teams with a cute boy in a school parenting project to care for eggs.

4 "Fishes Are Like Sisters... You Can't Flush Them Without Feeling Guilty" Peter Baldwin January 5, 1991 (1991-01-05) 0706

Lorette asks out Raymond's cool and sexually active friend spunk; Nate has plans to assassinate an unwanted goldfish.

5 "What I Did For Love" TBA January 12, 1991 (1991-01-12) TBA

Raymond borrows from high school loan shark Dewayne to take out the most materialistic girl in school and then steals to repay his debt.

6 "Bad Boy" J.D. Lobue Unaired 0711

Peter steals the family car in hopes of finally getting his parents' attention.[4]


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