Yoopa (stylized YOOPA) is a Canadian French language Category B specialty channel owned by TVA Group, a division of Quebecor Media. Yoopa broadcasts programming targeted toward preschoolers, aged 2 to 6.

A magazine for parents using the Yoopa name was launched on April 1, 2010 in conjunction with the launch of the television channel. The magazine replaced EspaceParents.ca, owned by TVA Publications, a division of Groupe TVA.


In February 2010, TVA Group was granted approval by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to launch a television channel called TVA Junior, described as "a national French-language Category 2 specialty programming undertaking aimed exclusively at children from two to six years old."[1]

previous Yoopa logo (2010 - 2013),was used as an alternate logo until January 2014

The channel was launched on April 1, 2010 in standard and high definition as Yoopa.[2]

Dispute with Vrak.TV Junior

Before Yoopa's launch and its approval by the CRTC, fellow broadcaster Astral Media had been approved for a similar channel in March 2006 called Vrak.TV Junior.[3] Prior to its launch, Astral Media claimed that it had secured carriage on a number of other television providers, except Vidéotron — who has a hold of 51% of the Quebec market, the largest French market in Canada — owned by Quebecor Media, the parent of TVA Group. Astral claimed Vidéotron's refusal to carry the channel was to avoid competition for its upcoming channel, Yoopa.[4] Astral attributed the delay in the launch of Vrak Junior to Vidéotron's refusal to carry the channel. Vidéotron categorically denied the accusation.[4]

Vrak.TV Junior was launched on July 5, 2010 as Playhouse Disney Télé (now Télémagino) on Bell TV. Vidéotron launched the channel on March 1, 2011.[5]

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