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Yingbo (Chinese: 𦀚伯) was an early ruler of the ancient Chinese state that would later be known as Chu. His father was Jilian and his mother was Bi Zhui (妣隹), a granddaughter of the Shang Dynasty king Pangeng. He had a younger brother named Yuanzhong (遠仲).[1][2] According to the Tsinghua Bamboo Slips, Yingbo was succeeded by Xuexiong (better known as Yuxiong).[1][2] However, Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian recorded the name of Jilian's son as Fuju (附沮), and Xuexiong as Fuju's son.[3] The exact relationship between Yingbo, Fuju, and Xuexiong/Yuxiong is unclear.[1][2] References[edit]

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Yingbo House of Mi

Regnal titles

Preceded by Jilian Ruler of Chu Succeeded by Yuxiong

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Monarchs of Chu

Early rulers

Jilian Yingbo Yuxiong Xiong Li Xiong Kuang


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