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Yakir Yerushalayim (Hebrew: יַקִּיר יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‬; English: Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem) is an annual citizenship prize in Jerusalem, Israel, inaugurated in 1967. The prize is awarded annually by the municipality of the City of Jerusalem
to one or more residents of the city who have contributed to the cultural and educational life of the city in some outstanding way.[1] Prize recipients must be over 70 years old. They are selected by a five-panel committee appointed by the mayor, which reviews the candidates and selects a long-time resident of Jerusalem
whose work on behalf of the city or life story is an inspiration to others.[1] The award ceremony is held on Yom Yerushalayim.[1] Recommendations for the award are submitted by city council members. The final selection among the nominees takes place in the spring.[2]


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Recipients[edit] This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Note: The table can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically using the icon.

Year Name Description and Comments

1967 Dinur, Ben-Zion !Ben-Zion Dinur Educator, historian and Israeli government minister

1967 Bergmann, Samuel Hugo !Samuel Hugo Bergmann Jewish philosopher

1967 Tur-Sinai, Naftali Herz !Naftali Herz Tur-Sinai Bible scholar, an author, and linguist

1967 Zevin, Shlomo Yosef !Shlomo Yosef Zevin Eminent Orthodox rabbi

1968 Baer, Yitzhak !Yitzhak Baer Historian and expert in medieval Spanish Jewish history

1968 Blum, Ludwig !Ludwig Blum[3] Jerusalem

1968 Locker, Berl !Berl Locker Zionist activist and Isrraeli politician

1968 Mazar, Benjamin !Benjamin Mazar Historian and archaeologist

1968 Shazar, Rachel !Rachel Shazar (née Katznelson) Political figure, wife of Zalman Shazar, the third President of Israel

1968 Yalan-Shteklis, Miriam !Miriam Yalan-Shteklis Children's author

1969 Benvenisti, David !David Benvenisti Historian and geographer

1969 Albright, William !William F. Albright Archaeologist and biblical scholar

1969 Scholem, Gershom !Gershom Scholem Jewish philosopher and historian

1970 Halkin, Simon !Simon Halkin Poet and novelist

1970 Litvinovsky, Pinchas !Pinchas Litvinovsky Artist

1970 Rachmilewitz, Moshe !Moshe Rachmilewitz Physician

1970 Ticho, Anna !Anna Ticho Artist

1974 Ardon, Mordecai !Mordecai Ardon Artist

1974 Segal, Moshe Zvi !Moshe Zvi Segal (Rabbi) Rabbi and prominent member of Etzel and Lechi

1974 Vilnay, Zev !Zev Vilnay Geographer

1977 Chagall, Marc !Marc Chagall Artist

1980 Rabinowitz, Louis Isaac !Louis Isaac Rabinowitz Deputy mayor of Jerusalem, rabbi and philologist

1981 Picard, Leo !Leo Picard Geologist and expert in the field of hydrology

1982 Frankl, Walter !Walter Frankl[4] Botanist

1984 Avigad, Nahman !Nahman Avigad Archaeologist

1984 Saltz, Nathan J. !Nathan J. Saltz University professor and surgeon

1984 Sheri, Reuven !Reuven Shari Israeli politician

1988 Cohen, Elisheva !Elisheva Cohen[5] Israel
Museum curator

1989 Dubois, Marcel-Jacques !Marcel-Jacques Dubois Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
theologian and professor of religion at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1989 Prawer, Joshua !Joshua Prawer Historian

1989 Warhaftig, Zerach !Zerach Warhaftig Israeli lawyer and politician

1990 Eldad, Israel
! Israel
Eldad (Scheib) Former Zionist political activist and Revisionist Zionist philosopher

1991 Arnon, Yaakov !Yaakov Arnon Israeli politician

1991 Feuerstein, Reuven !Reuven Feuerstein[6] Psychologist and director of the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential

1992 Avidar-Tchernovitz, Yemima !Yemima Avidar-Tchernovitz Children's author

1995 Aboulker-Muscat, Colette Béatrice !Colette Béatrice Aboulker-Muscat Natural physician

1995 Malkiel, Zehava !Zehava Malkiel Activist for the International Council of Jewish Women

1995 Tal, Josef !Josef Tal Composer

1996 Biran, Avraham !Avraham Biran Archaeologist and excavator of Tel Dan

1997 Kieselstein, Martin !Martin Kieselstein[7] Doctor, assistance to the elderly of Jerusalem

1997 Sheskin, Jacob !Jacob Sheskin Professor at Hadassah Hospital, head of the Hansen Hospital in Jerusalem

2000 Nener, Itzhak !Itzhak Nener Jurist
who served as vice president of Liberal International, cofounded the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, and was elected to the Municipality
of Jerusalem

2001 Elon, Menachem !Menachem Elon Professor of Law specializing in Mishpat Ivri, justice on the Israeli Supreme Court and as its Deputy President

2002 Grebelsky, Yechiel !Yechiel Grebelsky[8] Pioneer of Jerusalem
stone industry

2002 Kiel, Yehuda !Yehuda Kiel Educator and bible commentator, who headed the Da'at Miqra
Da'at Miqra

2002 Schwarz, Meier !Meier Schwarz Professor emeritus for plant physiology and director of the Synagogue Memorial

2002 Bendheim, Els !Els Bendheim[9] Born and raised in Amsterdam, contributed to helping medical and educational institutions in Jerusalem

2004 Ben-Porat, Miriam !Miriam Ben-Porat Former Supreme Court judge and former State Comptroller

2004 Ben Yehuda, Netiva !Netiva Ben Yehuda Author, editor, and former soldier of the Palmach

2005 Merzel, Shlomo !Shlomo Merzel Educator and director of Horev Torah institutions

2006 Aumann, Robert !Robert (Israel) Aumann Nobel Prize–winning mathematician

2006 Zisman, Emanuel !Emanuel Zisman Israeli politician and former ambassador

2007 Cohen, Geulah !Geulah Cohen Israeli politician and journalist

2008 Bauer, Yehuda !Yehuda Bauer Historian and Professor of Holocaust Studies, Hebrew
University of Jerusalem

2010 Kroyanker, David !David Kroyanker Architect and architectural historian of Jerusalem

2010 Rakover, Nahum !Nahum Rakover Professor emeritus of Bar-Ilan University and former Deputy Attorney General

2010 Shulamit Kishik-Cohen !Shulamit Kishik-Cohen[10] Israeli spy who worked to rescue Jews from Arab countries

2012 Aronson, ShlomoNahum !Shlomo Aronson Landscape Architect and City Planner

2013 Kark, Ruth !Ruth Kark Historical geographer, Hebrew
University of Jerusalem

2014 Hadari, Chayim Yeshayahu !Chaim Yeshayahu Hadari Rabbi, founding Rosh Yeshiva and current Rosh Yeshiva emeritus of Yeshivat Hakotel in the Old City[11]

2014 Rachel Bamberger Chalkowski Chief Midwife at Shaare Zedek and founder of important charity Matan B'Seter Bamb[12]i

2016 Menashe, Reb !Reb Menashe[13] Military volunteer

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