The Xindian line (Chinese: 新店線) was a Taiwanese railroad branch line, located in Taipei City and New Taipei City operated by the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). It connected the city of Taipei with Xindian District in New Taipei.


The Xindian line was 10.4 km long and was opened on 21 January 1921. It originally had 14 stations, but 6 stations (Sin Kung Temple, Zhitanhuisheqian, Ershizhang, Gongxuejiaoqian and Xindian County Hall (located after Xindian Station)), were abandoned after World War II. Gongguan Station closed on 1 November 1963, with the entire line being shut down on 24 March 1965. The TRTS Xindian Line currently operates on a route similar to the old TRA Xindian Line.

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