Wuyanling National Nature Reserve () is a nature reserve in
Taishun County Taishun County () is a county in the prefecture-level city of Wenzhou, in the southern part of Zhejiang province, China, bordering Fujian province to the southeast, south, and west. Taishun County has more than 900 covered bridges, many of them ...
, in the southern part of
Zhejiang Zhejiang (, formerly romanized as Chekiang) is an eastern, coastal province of the People's Republic of China. Its capital and largest city is Hangzhou. Zhejiang is bordered by Jiangsu and Shanghai to the north, Anhui to the northwest, Jiang ...
Province. The reserve occupies a mountainous, forested area. The highest peak is Baiyun Peak, which is high.Wuyanling National Nature Reserve
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BirdLife International BirdLife International is a global partnership of non-governmental organizations that strives to conserve birds and their habitats. BirdLife International's priorities include preventing extinction of bird species, identifying and safeguarding imp ...
considers Wuyanling Reserve as an
Important Bird Area An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) is an area identified using an internationally agreed set of criteria as being globally important for the conservation of bird populations. IBA was developed and sites are identified by BirdLife Inte ...
(IBA). Birds of particular conservation value in the reserve include
Cabot's tragopan Cabot's tragopan (''Tragopan caboti'') is a pheasant found in south-east China. The common and scientific names of this large bird both commemorate the ornithologist Samuel Cabot III. Other common names include the Chinese tragopan and the yellow- ...
, much studied in the reserve, and Elliot's pheasant. A freshwater
goby Goby is a common name for many species of small to medium sized ray-finned fish, normally with large heads and tapered bodies, which are found in marine, brackish and freshwater environments. Traditionally most of the species called gobies have be ...
, '' Rhinogobius wuyanlingensis'', has been collected from Wuyanling, described as a new species to science, and named after the reserve. The reserve's inhabitants also include the
Chinese giant salamander The Chinese giant salamander (''Andrias davidianus'') is one of the largest salamanders and one of the largest amphibians in the world.


A small part of the reserve is developed as a touristic area; the rest of the park is not accessible to the general public. The network of trails follows two streams, and since 2012, includes a paved path to the Baiyun Peak. In 2012, the scenic area was rated as a
3A touristic attraction.

Baiyun Peak

At , the Baiyun Peak (Baiyunjian, ) is the highest mountain in Wenzhou. A paved path now leads to the top.


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Wuyanling Nature Reserve

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