Writer2ePub (W2E) is a free extension for the various implementations of the Writer text processor[note 2] to create EPUB-formatted e-Books "from any file format that Writer can read".[3][4][5] A text to be exported as EPUB has to be saved as OpenDocument (ODT)-formatted text document. Writer2epub is written in OpenOffice Basic. The author of Writer2ePub is Luca “Luke” Calcinai.

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  1. ^ Strings for Writer2ePub's user interface are stored in a DialogStrings_xx_XX.properties file, with "xx_XX" standing for the standard language identification like e.g. en_US. The program contains 14 localizations in release 1.1.28.
  2. ^ Writer2ePub works with OpenOffice.org, Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice and NeoOffice


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