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The WORLD COMMUNION OF REFORMED CHURCHES (WCRC) is the largest association of Reformed churches in the world and the fifth largest Christian
communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church
, the Eastern Orthodox Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
, the Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion
and the World Methodist Council . It has 229 member denominations in 108 countries, together claiming 80 million people. This ecumenical Christian
body was formed in June 2010 by the union of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) and the Reformed Ecumenical Council (REC).

Among the biggest denominations in the WCRC are the Presbyterian Church of Africa , Presbyterian Church of Nigeria , Presbyterian Church of East Africa , United Church of Canada
United Church of Canada
, Presbyterian Church USA , Reformed Church in Hungary , Reformed Church in Romania , Protestant Church in Indonesia , and Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland
. Its member denominations on the whole could be considered more liberal than the member denominations of the International Conference of Reformed Churches or the World Reformed Fellowship , which are also large ecumenical Reformed organizations.


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The WCRC traces its origins to 1875, with several unifying Reformed organizations emerging in London
, England

After a two-day meeting ending on 1 February 2006, Douwe Visser, president of the Reformed Ecumenical Council , and Clifton Kirkpatrick, president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches , said in a joint letter to their constituencies, "We rejoice in the work of the Holy Spirit which we believe has led us to recommend that the time has come to bring together the work of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the Reformed Ecumenical Council into one body that will strengthen the unity and witness of Reformed Christians."

After first calling the potential body "World Reformed Communion", this was modified into "World Communion of Reformed Churches".

A Uniting General Council of the WCRC, bringing the organization into existence, took place from 18–26 June 2010 at Calvin College , Grand Rapids , Michigan
, United States
United States
. The council focused on the "Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace" mentioned in Ephesians as its main theme, setting a tone of true mutual understanding and acceptance amongst member churches and associates, laying aside differences and other issues as they embark on this shared journey with one another as each seeks to discern the will of God and continue their struggle for justice and peace in the world.


The 2010 Uniting General Council stated that the WCRC should be "called to communion and committed to justice." Its two main program offices are thus focused on these aspects, with theological work included with communion. The Theology and Communion office serves as coordinator for official dialogues with other religious organizations, organizes a bi-annual Global Institute of Theology, and brings Reformed theological scholars together for various discussions. The Justice office promotes economic, ecological and human justice, basing much of its work on the Accra Confession, a statement adopted at the 2004 General Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and re-endorsed at the 2010 Uniting General Council.

The WCRC also has a General Secretariat which includes the general secretary's office, the communications office and other organizational responsibilities. The current general secretary is Chris Ferguson , a minister from the United Church of Canada
United Church of Canada
. Through the General Secretariat, the WCRC is able to promote dialogue between churches, advocate for causes on a global scale and support the activities of its member churches through various means.

The global headquarters of the WCRC are located in Hanover, Germany, with a North American non-profit subsidiary based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally based in Genava, Switzerland, which played host to John Calvin
John Calvin
and earned a reputation as the "Protestant Rome", the group's Executive Committee announced on 8 November 2012, that they would relocate the headquarters to Hanover, Germany, by December 2013, due to overbearing financial strains caused by the high value of the Swiss franc.


Chris Ferguson is a pastor, theologian and social justice advocate from the United Church of Canada. He was elected to the post of general secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches
World Communion of Reformed Churches
in May 2014, entering office on 1 August 2014, for a seven-year term. Previously Ferguson served as the international ecumenical advisor for the Programme for Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia (2011–2014), the World Council of Churches
World Council of Churches
representative to the United Nations (2006–2010), the World Council of Churches' representative to Jerusalem (2004–2006) and the executive minister of the United Church of Canada's Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit and ecumenical officer (2002–2004).


Red countries are home to at least one member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches Countries with historically sizeable Reformed communities

This is a list of members of the World Communion of Reformed Churches as of February 2016:

* Algeria

* Protestant Church of Algeria /Eglise Protestante d\'Algérie

* Angola

* Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola /Igreja Evangélica Congregacional em Angola (IECA) * Evangelical Reformed Church of Angola /Igreja Evangélica Reformanda de Angola (IERA)

* Argentina

* Evangelical Church of the River Plate /Iglesia Evangélica del Rio de la Plata * Evangelical Congregational Church in Argentina /Iglesia Evangélica Congregacional

* Australia

* Congregational Federation of Australia * Uniting Church in Australia

* Austria

* Evangelical Church of the Helvetic Confession in Austria/ Evangelische Kirche HB (Reformiert) in Österreich

* Bangladesh

* Church of Bangladesh * Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh

* Belgium

* United Protestant Church in Belgium /Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique / Verenigde Protestantse Kerk in Belgie

* Bolivia

* Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Bolivia /Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana en Bolivia

* Botswana

* Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana

* Brazil

* Evangelical Reformed Churches in Brazil /Igrejas Evangélicas Reformadas no Brasil * Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil /Igreja Presbiteriana Independente do Brasil * United Presbyterian Church of Brazil /Igreja Presbiteriana Unida do Brasil

* Bulgaria

* Union of Evangelical Congregational Churches in Bulgaria / Evangelaska Kongreschanska Zewrkwa

* Burkina Faso

* Association of Reformed Evangelical Churches of Burkina Faso/ Eglise evangelique reformee du Burkina Faso

* Cameroon

* Africa Protestant Church / Eglise protestante africaine * Evangelical Church of Cameroon / Eglise évangélique du Cameroun * Presbyterian Church in Cameroon /Eglise presbyterienne camerounaise

* Canada

* Christian
Reformed Church in North America * The Presbyterian Church in Canada/L\'Église presbytérienne au Canada * Reformed Church in America * The United Church of Canada/L\'Église unie du Canada

* Central African Republic

* Protestant Church of Christ the King /Eglise Protestante du Christ-Roi

* Chile

* Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Chile /Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana en Chile * Presbyterian Church of Chile / Iglesia Presbiteriana de Chile

* China, Hong Kong

* The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China

* China, People's Republic of

* China Christian
Council (associate member)

* Colombia

* Presbyterian Church of Colombia /Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia (Synodo presbiteriano)

* Congo, Democratic Republic of the

* Evangelical Community in the Congo /Communaute evangelique du Congo * Presbyterian Community in the Congo /Communaute presbytérienne au Congo * Presbyterian Community of Eastern Kasai /Communaute presbyterienne du Kasai oriental * Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa /Communaute presbyterienne de Kinshasa * Presbyterian Community of Western Kasai?/Reformed Presbyterian Community in Africa /Communauté presbytérienne au Kasai occidental/Communauté presbytérienne réformée en Afrique * Reformed Community of Presbyterians /Communauté Réformée des Presbyteriens

* Congo, Republic of the

* Evangelical Church of Congo / Eglise évangélique du Congo

* Costa Rica

* Costa Rican Presbyterian Evangelical Church /Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana Costarricense

* Croatia

* Reformed Christian
Church in Croatia /Reformirana Krscanska Crkva U Hrvatskoj

* Cuba

* Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba /Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada en Cuba

* Czech Republic

* Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
/Evangelische Kirche der Böhmischen Brüder / Ceskobratrská Cirkev Evangelická

* Denmark

* Reformed Synod of Denmark / Den reformerte Synode i Danmark

* Dominican Republic

* Christian
Reformed Church in the Dominican Republic * Dominican Evangelical Church / Iglesia Evangélica Dominicana

* Egypt

* Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile)
Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile)
/El-Kanisah El-Injiliyah

* El Salvador

* Reformed Calvinist Church of El Salvador /Iglesia Reformada Calvinista de El Salvador

* Equatorial Guinea

* Reformed Presbyterian Church of Equatorial Guinea /Iglesia Reformada Presbiteriana de Guinea Ecuatorial

* Ethiopia

* Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus /Ye Etiopia Wangelawit Betakristian Makane Yesus

* France

* Malagasy Protestant Church in France /Eglise Protestante Malgache / Fiangonana Protestanta Malagasy * National Union of Protestant Reformed Evangelical Churches of FranceEglises protestantes réformées évangeliques de France (UNEPREF, formerly EREI) * Reformed Church of Alsace and Lorraine /Eglise Réformée d\'Alsace et de Lorraine * United Protestant Church of France /Église protestante unie de France

* Germany

* Church of Lippe
Church of Lippe
/ Lippische Landeskirche
Lippische Landeskirche
* Evangelical Reformed Church in Bavaria and Northwestern Germany (Synode evangelisch-reformierter Kirchen in Bayern und Nordwestdeutschland) * Reformed Alliance / Reformierter Bund * Evangelical Old-Reformed Church in Lower Saxony

* Ghana

* Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana /Presbyteria Nyanyui Hame le Ghana * Presbyterian Church of Ghana

* Greece

* Greek Evangelical Church / Helliniki Evangeliki Ekklesia

* Grenada

* Presbyterian Church in Grenada

* Guatemala

* National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala /Iglesia Evangélica Nacional Presbiteriana de Guatemala

* Guyana

* Guyana Congregational Union * Guyana Presbyterian Church * Presbyterian Church of Guyana

* Honduras

* Christian
Reformed Church of Honduras /Iglesia Cristiana Reformada de Honduras

* Hungary

* Reformed Church in Hungary /Magyarországi Református Egyház

* India

* Church of North India * Church of South India * The Congregational Church of India (Maraland) * Evangelical Church of Maraland * Presbyterian Church of India * Reformed Presbyterian Church, North East India

* Indonesia

* Christian
Church in Central Sulawesi * Christian
Church in Luwuk Banggai * Christian
Church in South Sulawesi * Christian
Church of Southern Sumatra (GKSBS) * Christian
Church of Sumba (GKS) * Christian
Churches of Java * Christian
Evangelical Church in Bolaang Mongondow ? * Christian
Evangelical Church in Minahasa * Christian
Evangelical Church in Timor * Church of Toraja Mamasa (GTM) * The East Java Christian
Church * Evangelical Christian
Church in Halmahera * Evangelical Christian
Church in West Papua * Evangelical Church in Kalimantan * Indonesia Christian
Church * Indonesian Protestant Church in Buol Toli-Toli * Indonesian Protestant Church in Donggala * Indonesian Protestant Church in Gorontalo * Javanese Christian
Churches (GKJ) * Karo Batak Protestant Church * Pasundan Christian
Church * Protestant Christian
Church in Bali * Protestant Church in Indonesia * Protestant Church in the Moluccas * Protestant Church in Southeast Sulawesi * Protestant Church in West Indonesia * Sangihe-Talaud Evangelical Church * Toraja Church
Toraja Church

* Iran

* Synod of the Evangelical Church in Iran

* Ireland

* Presbyterian Church in Ireland

* Italy

* Waldensian Evangelical Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches )/ Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

* Jamaica

* The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

* Japan

* Church of Christ in Japan /Nippon Kirisuto Kyokai * Korean Christian
Church in Japan /Zainichi Daikan Kirisuto Kyokai Sokai

* Kenya

* Presbyterian Church of East Africa * The Reformed Church of East Africa

* Kiribati

* Kiribati Protestant Church / Ekaretia ni Boretetanti i Kiribati

* Korea, Republic of

* Presbyterian Church of Korea * Presbyterian Church in Korea (ChanYang) (Reformed Church of Korea]])/Chan Yang (inactive) * Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongChunTong) /Hap Dong Jeong Tong/Hap Dong Chung Tong * Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea /Ki Jang * Presbyterian Church in Korea (Daeshin) /Dae Shin

* Latvia * Reformed Church in Latvia / Evangeliska Reformatu-Braju Draudze

* Lebanon

* National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon * The National Evangelical Union of Lebanon /Al-Ittihad Al Injili Al-Watani Fi Lubnan * Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East /Մերձաւոր Արեւելքի Հայ Աւետարանական Եկեղեցիներու Միութիւն

* Lesotho

* Lesotho Evangelical Church / Kereke ea Evangeli Lesotho

* Liberia

* Presbyterian Church in Liberia

* Lithuania

* Evangelical Reformed Church in Lithuania/Unitas Lithuaniae / Lietuvos Evangeliku Reformatu Baznycia

* Luxembourg

* Protestant Reformed Church of Luxemburg H.B. / Protestantisch-Reformierte Kirche von Luxembourg H.B. /Eglise Protestante Réformée du Luxembourg

* Madagascar

* Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar /Eglise de Jésus-Christ à Madagascar /Fiangonan\'i Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara

* Malawi

* Church of Central Africa Presbyterian * Church of Central Africa Presbyterian – Harare Synod * Church of Central Africa Presbyterian – Nkhoma Synod

* Malaysia

* Presbyterian Church Malaysia / Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia

* Marshall Islands

* Reformed Congregational Churches * United Church of Christ
United Church of Christ
- Congregational in the Marshall Islands / Jarin Parik Dron

* Mauritius

* Presbyterian Church of Mauritius /Eglise presbytérienne de Maurice

* Mexico

* Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church of Mexico /Iglesia Presbiteriana Asociada Reformada de México (IPAR) * National Presbyterian Church in Mexico , A. R./Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México , A. R. * Presbyterian Reformed Church of Mexico /Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada de México

* Morocco

* Evangelical Church in Morocco /Eglise évangélique au Maroc

* Mozambique

* Evangelical Church of Christ in Mozambique /Igreja Evangelica de Cristo em Mocambique * Presbyterian Church of Mozambique /Igreja Presbiteriana de Moçambique * Reformed Church in Mozambique / Igreja Reformada em Mocambique * United Church of Christ in Mozambique /Igreja de Christo Unida em Mocambique (Ex-Missao American Board)

* Myanmar

* Christian
Reformed Church in Myanmar * Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Myanmar * Independent Presbyterian Church of Myanmar * Mara Evangelical Church / Evangelical Mission Myanmar /Mara Evangelical Awnanopa * The Presbyterian Church of Myanmar / Kawlram Presb Kohhran * Reformed Presbyterian Church in Myanmar

* The Netherlands

* Covenant of Free Evangelical Congregations in the Netherlands * The Protestant Church in the Netherlands
Protestant Church in the Netherlands
(PCN)/De Protestantse Kerk in Nederland (PKN) * Remonstrant Brotherhood / Remonstrantse Broederschap

* New Caledonia

* Evangelical Church in New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands /Eglise evangélique en Nouvelle Calédonie et aux Îles Loyauté

* New Zealand

* Niue Niue Church/ Ekalesia Niue * Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

* Niger

* Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger /Eglise évangélique de la République du Niger / Ekklisiyar Bishara Ta Kasar Niger

* Nigeria

* Christian
Reformed Church of Nigeria * Church of Christ in the Sudan Among the Tiv /Nongo u Kristu u ken Sudan hen Tiv (NKST) * Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ * Presbyterian Church of Nigeria * Reformed Church of Christ in Nigeria * United Church of Christ in Nigeria /Habaddiyar Ekklisiyar Kristi a Nigeria

* Pakistan

* Church of Pakistan * Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

* The Philippines

* Christian
Reformed Church in the Philippines * United Church of Christ in the Philippines * United Evangelical Church of Christ (Iglesia Evangélica Unida de Cristo)

* Poland

* Reformed Evangelical Church in Poland/Kosciol Ewangelicko-Reformowany w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

* Portugal

* Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Portugal /Igreja Evangélica Presbiteriana de Portugal

* Romania

* Reformed Church in Romania (Oradea)/Kiralyhagomelleki Reformatus Egyhazkeruelet (Oradea) * Reformed Church in Romania - Transylvanian District/Romaniai Reformatus Egyhaz - Erdelyi Egyhazkerület

* Rwanda

* Presbyterian Church in Rwanda / Eglise presbytérienne au Rwanda

* Samoa

* Congregational Christian
Church in American Samoa * Congregational Christian
Church in Samoa /Ekalesia Fa\' apotopotoga Kerisinao I Samoa

* Senegal

* Protestant Church in Senegal / Eglise protestante du Sénégal

* Serbia, Republic of, and Montenegro, Republic of

* Reformed Christian
Church in Serbia and Montenegro /Reformatska Hriscanska Crkva u SFRJ

* Singapore

* Presbyterian Church in Singapore

* Slovakia

* Reformed Christian
Church in Slovakia /Reformovaná Krest. Cirkev na Slovensku

* Slovenia

* Reformed Church in Slovenia

* Solomon Islands

* United Church in the Solomon Islands

* South Africa

* Dutch Reformed Church (DRC)/ Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk (NGK) * Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA)/(NGKA) * Dutch Reformed Church of Africa/Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika (NHKA) * Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa * Peoples Church of Africa / Volkskerk van Afrika * Presbyterian Church of Africa * Reformed Church in Africa, South Africa * United Congregational Church of Southern Africa * Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa * Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa / Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk in Suider Afrika * Maranatha Reformed Church of Christ

* South Sudan

* Sudanese Reformed Churches

* Spain

* Spanish Evangelical Church / Iglesia Evangélica Espanola

* Sri Lanka

* Dutch Reformed Church in Sri Lanka * Presbytery of Lanka

* Sudan

* Presbyterian Church in Sudan * Africa Inland Church Sudan

* Swaziland

* Swaziland Reformed Church (SRC)

* Sweden

* Uniting Church in Sweden or Equmeniakyrkan (founded 2011 by member church Mission Covenant Church of Sweden and two other denominations)

* Switzerland

* Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches or (Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund, Fédération des Eglises protestantes de Suisse, Federazione delle Chiese evangeliche della Svizzera, Federaziun da las Baselgias evangelicas da la Svizra SEK-FEPS)

* Tahiti

* Maòhi Protestant Church /Etaretia Evaneria no Porinetia Farani / Église Protestante Maòhi

* Taiwan

* Presbyterian Church in Taiwan /Tâi-oân Ki-tok Tiúⁿ-ló Kàu-hōe

* Thailand

* Church of Christ in Thailand
Church of Christ in Thailand

* Togo

* Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo /Eglise évangélique presbytérienne du Togo

* Trinidad and Tobago

* Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago

* Tuvalu

* Tuvalu Christian
Church / Te Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu

* Uganda

* Christian
Reformed Church of East Africa * Reformed Presbyterian Church in Uganda * Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa (Uganda)

* Ukraine

* Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia/ Reformed Church in Transcarpathia / Karpataljai Reformatus Egyhaz

* United Kingdom

* Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland
* The Presbyterian Church in Ireland * Presbyterian Church of Wales / Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru * Union of Welsh Independents / Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg * United Free Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland
* United Reformed Church
United Reformed Church

* United States
United States
of America

* Christian
Reformed Church in North America * Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
* Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
in America * ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (provisional member) * Evangelical Presbyterian Church * Hungarian Reformed Church in America * Korean Presbyterian Church in America * Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church /Lietuviu Evangeliku Reformatu Baznycia-JAV * Presbyterian Church (USA) * Reformed Church in America * United Church of Christ
United Church of Christ

* Uruguay

* Waldensian Evangelical Church of the River Plate /Iglesia Evangelica Valdense de Rio de la Plata

* Vanuatu

* Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu / Presbiterian Jyos Blong Vanuatu

* Venezuela

* Presbyterian Church of Venezuela /Iglesia Presbiteriana de Venezuela

* Vietnam

* Presbyterian Church of Vietnam

* Zambia

* Church of Central Africa Presbyterian – Synod of Zambia * Reformed Church in Zambia * United Church of Zambia

* Zimbabwe

* Reformed Church in Zimbabwe


* Calvinism

* List of the largest Protestant bodies


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* Official website * CRC to Host Inaugural Meeting of Reformed World Communion