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Caddy Works Pierce "Caddy" Works (January 2, 1896 – July 19, 1982) was an American basketball Basketball is a team sport in which two teams, most commonly of five players each, opposing one another on a rectangular court A court is any person ...
(1896–1982), American college sports coach * Samuel Works (c. 1781–1868), New York politician


* ''Works (Pink Floyd album), ''Works'' (Pink Floyd album)'', a Pink Floyd album from 1983 * ''Works'', a Gary Burton album from 1972 * ''Works'', a Status Quo (band), Status Quo album from 1983 * ''Works'', a John Abercrombie (guitarist), John Abercrombie album from 1991 * ''Works'', a Pat Metheny album from 1994 * ''Works'', an The Alan Parsons Project, Alan Parson Project album from 2002 * ''Works Volume 1'', 1977 Emerson, Lake & Palmer album * ''Works Volume 2'', 1977 Emerson, Lake & Palmer album * ''Emerson,_Lake_&_Palmer_in_Concert#Works_Live, Works Live'', 1993 Emerson, Lake & Palmer album * ''The Works (Queen album), The Works'', a Queen album from 1984

Other uses

* Creative works, a manifestation of creative effort including fine artwork (sculpture, paintings), writing (literature), filmmaking, and musical composition * Good works, in Christian theology a person's actions or deeds * Microsoft Works, a collection of office productivity programs created by Microsoft * Public works, engineering projects carried out by the state for the community

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