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Working generally refers to employment. It may also refer to:


1 Arts and media 2 Engineering and technology 3 Other uses 4 See also

Arts and media[edit]

Working (musical), a 1978 musical Working (TV series), a situation comedy Working (book), a book by Studs Terkel Working!!, a manga by Karino Takatsu

Engineering and technology[edit]

Cold working, the strengthening of a metal by plastic deformation Hot working, processes where metals are plastically deformed above their recrystallization temperature Multiple working, having more than one locomotive hauling a train under the control of one driver Live-line working, the maintenance of electrical equipment, often operating at high voltage, while the equipment is energised Single-line working, using one train track out of two

Other uses[edit]

Holbrook Working (1895–1985), statistician and economist Working the system, using rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order to manipulate the system A working, in the sense of a prolonged series of occult rituals

See also[edit]

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