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Ismael Prego, (born October 5, 1993) better known by his YouTube user name Wismichu, is an entertainer and YouTube personality. As of March 2018 he has over 6.7 million YouTube subscribers and 857 million views, making his channel the 15th most subscribed channel in Spain.[1] His videos consist mostly of satirical videoblogs, often characterized by a critical tone and a dark and absurdist style of humour.


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Biography[edit] Wismichu was born in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain in 1993.[2] He moved to Madrid to study audiovisual communication, and lived there as recently as 2016.[3] In 2008 he began uploading videos to YouTube, initially gameplay videos. Nowadays, his videos often consist of videoblogs, prank videos, and parody videos, mostly infused with an absurdist and dark style of humour, often comparable to [adult swim]'s Rick and Morty (which he has referenced multiple times and is indeed a fan of) or the Deadpool comic series. Prego has stated that the origin of his YouTube user name is a version of his name "Isma," short for Ismael, with his friends often calling him "Wisma." According to Prego, he initially wanted his YouTube name to be "Wisma," but at the time YouTube did not allow names of only 5 characters, so he made the name longer into Wismichu.[4] He has over 6.7 million YouTube subscribers as of March 2018. He has also performed live shows across Spain, often with fellow YouTuber AuronPlay.[5] In 2014 he had a cameo in the comedy crime film Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas.[6] Publications[edit] In June 2016 he published his first book Si te rindes, pierdes.[7] In 2017 he published his first comic Norman y Mix.[8] Controversy[edit] Wismichu is known for his often controversial and offensive humour and content, which has led to many controversies in the past. In May 2016, while Wismichu was on his "There's A Wismichu in Me" tour, multiple news outlets claimed that the show was incredibly offensive and inappropriate and alleged that he even "Called little girls in the audience whores, and invited them to the stage to suck him off." All of this was proven false by his audience and a video of his own, plus the fact that he gave almost 200 shows and no such complaint surfaced during any of those. Since he started dating Ingrid, his current girlfriend, YouTuber Daniel Santome Lemus (known as Dalas Review in YouTube) has been allegedly harassing Wismichu and Ingrid. This controversy produced multiple videos by both sides, most known being Isma's own "Así es Dalas Review", a ranting, serious-toned video where he explains everything Daniel has committed behind scenes and in social networks to harass the couple. As of today, both sides still have encounters on social media. In 2015, Wismichu's channel was shut down for several days after being reported and flagged for having "explicit sexual content." A petition on Change.org amassed over 21,000 online signatures in favor of reinstating the Wismichu channel, and it was ultimately restored.[3] In September 2016, Wismichu and fellow YouTuber Auronplay made a prank call to a lumber business, asking for firewood to burn down their school. A lumber company in Andalucia appeared on a news program run by Spain's Canal Sur a few days later, stating that they had filed a police report about the incident because it had negatively impacted their business. The lumber company, which according to Wismichu was not the company called in the prank video, complained of receiving a high number of prank calls after the video was uploaded, which company spokesperson said "ruined" their business.[9] On September 2016 Álvaro Ojeda Sacaluga, a controversial reporter and fellow YouTube user known for his often far right-leaning comments and controversial statements filed a police report against Wismichu after Wismichu jokingly claimed that he was "coming for Alvaro Ojeda" while cocking an airsoft handgun. He jokingly made it seem like he was going to murder Ojeda in his "Pokemania" video, in a segment mocking a video by Alvaro Ojeda where he called fans of the Pokémon Go app "virgins" while stating they should "stop looking at the phone and go at the beach to masturbate at scantily clad women in there". Ojeda claimed that this made him fear for his life and physical safety.[10] The report was dropped by police because it was not classified as a threat.[10][11] In 2017, he was reported to the police for breaking a bottle over a 21-year-old's head during a political debate after a night of drinking. In a YouTube video soon after, Prego admitted that the incident had occurred.[12] Personal life[edit] Wismichu lives with his partner Ingrid Míchel, who he has been with since October 2013.[13] Prego has been outspoken about his choice to be a vegetarian for ethical reasons.[14][15] References[edit]

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