Will Rahmer is an American musician. Rahmer was the vocalist in the death metal band Incantation temporarily during mid-1990, before leaving to form Mortician with drummer Matt Sicher. Rahmer is the lyricist, vocalist, and bassist for Mortician, and is heavily influenced by horror movies, of which he is a collector, having acquired over 500 films. Known for his extremely guttural vocals, Rahmer is the co-founder of New York Death Militia, and the founder of Redrum Records.



* ''Rehearsal 12/14/89'' * ''Demo #1 1990''


* ''Hacked up for Barbecue'' (1996) * ''Chainsaw Dismemberment'' (1999) * ''Domain of Death'' (2001) * ''Darkest Day of Horror Tour Edition'' (2002) * ''Darkest Day of Horror'' (2003) * ''Re-Animated Dead Flesh'' (2004)

EPs and singles

* ''Brutally Mutilated'' (7" Single, 1990) * ''Mortal Massacre'' (7" Single, 1991) * ''Mortal Massacre'' (EP, 1993) * ''House by the Cemetery'' (7" Single, 1994) * ''House by the Cemetery'' (EP, 1995) * ''Zombie Apocalypse'' (7" Single, 1998) * ''Zombie Apocalypse'' (EP, 1998) * ''Living Dead'' (Split, 2004)


*''Gummo'' soundtrack

Live albums

* ''The Final Bloodbath Session'' (Live drummer studio sessions, 2002) * ''Zombie Massacre Live!'' (2004)


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