Tongass National Forest, Alaska, the largest national forest in the United States

Welcome to WikiProject Forestry! This project is focused on organizing and improving articles on the science, profession and practice of forestry, including those on forests, forest ecology, forest products, deforestation and related topics.

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  • This WikiProject covers everything related to the profession, science and practice of forestry around the world.


  • Increase depth and scope of articles related to forestry on
  • Provide a scientific base while conveying technical information that is accessible to the general public
  • Counter systematic bias on by strengthening coverage of forestry-related topics around the world

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  • Develop forest history articles
  • Move images hosted on to the Wikimedia Commons if not already done so
  • Create and maintain forestry-related categories in the Commons
  • Increase and maintain links between articles in other languages. Those with good forestry coverage include:
* French - see fr:Portail:Bois et forêt and fr:Catégorie:Sylviculture
* German - see de:Wikipedia:WikiProjekt Forstwirtschaft


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