Wiedza Powszechna (literally "Common Knowledge") is a publishing house in Poland.[1]

It originated in 1946 in Post World War II Poland as a subdivision of the Czytelnik publishing house, initiated by Stanisław Tazbir. [2] In 1952, with the major rearrangement of the state, which officially became the Polish People's Republic, the government created a separate State Publishing House Wiedza Powszechna (Państwowe Wydawnictwo Wiedza Powszechna). It became a major publisher specializing in dictionaries (vocabularies, encyclopedic dictionaries, etc., language texbooks, phrase books, etc. both for Polish and foreign languages, as well as popular science books in various areas. [2][3]

In 2007 it was privatized into a sp. z o.o. (Polish equivalent of limited liability company,[2] which went bankrupt in 2011 [4]

In 2012 it was reestablished in Warsaw as "Wydawnictwo Wiedza Powszechna" (Wiedza Powszechna Publishing House), specializing in foreign language dictionaries and textbooks. [2]


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