Wide Open West (doing business as WOW![1]) is the sixth largest cable operator in the United States.[2] The company offers landline telephone, Cable Television, and broadband Internet services.[3] As of November 13, 2017, WOW! has about 776,400 subscribers.[4]

After a 2017 initial public offering, Wide Open West is publicly traded with Avista Capital Partners and Crestview Partners retaining significant stakes.[5]


The Telecommunications Act of 1996 gave way for more competition to enter the cable TV market. Encouraged by this law a number of investors, led by local telephone companies, established competitive broadcast cable services in markets across the country. These entities became known in the industry as 'cable overbuilders,' meaning they would build new cable infrastructure into areas where there were existing cable systems.[6]

WOW! was founded in November 1999 in Denver, Colorado. After building a network in April 2001, WOW! initially served about 200 people in the Denver area. In November 2001, WOW! purchased Americast, an overbuild system in the Midwest built and operated by Ameritech New Media for an undisclosed amount per subscriber, estimated to have been at a cost of $600 per sub.[citation needed] This purchase opened WOW! to over 310,000 new customers in metropolitan areas surrounding the cities of Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Denver, and Evansville.[7] WOW! no longer serves the Denver market.

In August 23, 2011, Wave Broadband and WOW! announced that they entered into an agreement to purchase substantially all of the assets of Broadstripe LLC, a provider of residential and commercial bundled communications services. On January 14, WOW! completed the acquisition of Broadstripe's cable systems in Michigan.

In April 2012, WOW! purchased Knology, a broadband company, operating in 13 markets. With the merger the combined customer total will be over 800,000.[8]

In June 2014, WOW! sold its cable, Internet and phone systems in the South Dakota markets to Clarity Telecom. Part of the multimillion-dollar deal, worth $262 million, included the markets in Iowa and Minnesota previously served by Knology and PrairieWave Communications.[9] In March 2015 these markets would officially become known as Vast Broadband.[10]

In September 2016, WOW! purchased NuLink, a cable company serving Newnan, Georgia with approximately 34,000 customers at the time the deal closed.[11]

In October 2016, WOW! came to an agreement with Midco to sell its systems in Lawrence, Kansas. These systems currently pass approximately 67,000 homes and businesses in the area.[12]

On June 28, 2017, WOW! officially no longer serves the Lawrence, Kansas area.[13]

Internet availability by state

State Population Covered by WOW![14]
Michigan 1,856,779
Ohio 1,506,425
Alabama 624,286
Illinois 1,604,922
South Carolina 260,628
Florida 804,085
Indiana 316,534
Kansas 232,120
Georgia 380,453
Tennessee 139,600

Internet service

This is WOW!'s internet plans as of July 7, 2017.[15]

Tier Download Speed Upload Speed DOCSIS Availablility
Internet 10 10 mbps 1 mbps DOCSIS 3.0 entire footprint
Internet 100 100 mbps 10 mbps DOCSIS 3.0 most of footprint
Internet 500 500 mbps 50 mbps DOCSIS 3.0 95% of footprint[16]
Internet 1000 1000 mbps (1 gbps) 50 mbps DOCSIS 3.1 95% of footprint[17]

TV service

WOW! offers three different cable packages under their new simplified plans, Small Cable, Medium Cable, and Large Cable. In addition they offer a whole home DVR/internet modem combo they call Ultra, which uses the Arris MG5125G or Arris DCX3635 along with the ARRIS MP2000 Media Player as their whole home solution. The Ultra product combines the DVR, Internet modem, and phone modem all into one box.

This is WOW!'s TV lineup as of February 18, 2018.[18]

Channel In HD Package
ABC Yes Small Cable
Access/ Inspirational No Small Cable
American Sports Network No Small Cable
Antenna TV No Small Cable
Bounce TV No Small Cable
C-SPAN Yes Small Cable
CBS Yes Small Cable
Charge TV No Small Cable
Comet TV No Small Cable
Create No Small Cable
Decades No Small Cable
Fox Yes Small Cable
Government Access No Small Cable
Government Education No Small Cable
HSN Yes Small Cable
Jewelry TV No Small Cable
MeTV No Small Cable
NBC Yes Small Cable
PBS Yes Small Cable
TBD TV No Small Cable
TBN No Small Cable
Telemundo No Small Cable
The CW Yes Small Cable
The Ohio Channel No Small Cable (in Ohio markets only)
This TV/MyNetworkTV No Small Cable
A&E Yes Medium Cable
AMC Yes Medium Cable
Animal Planet Yes Medium Cable
BET Yes Medium Cable
Big Ten Network Yes Medium Cable
Bravo Yes Medium Cable
C-SPAN2 No Medium Cable
C-SPAN3 No Medium Cable
Cartoon Network Yes Medium Cable
CMT Yes Medium Cable
CNBC Yes Medium Cable
CNN Yes Medium Cable
Comedy Central Yes Medium Cable
Discovery Channel Yes Medium Cable
Disney Channel Yes Medium Cable
E! Yes Medium Cable
ESPN Yes Medium Cable
ESPN 2 Yes Medium Cable
Evine Live No Medium Cable
Food Network Yes Medium Cable
FOX Business Yes Medium Cable
FOX News Channel Yes Medium Cable
FOX Sports 2 No Medium Cable
FOX Sports Ohio Yes Medium Cable (in Ohio markets)
FOX Sports Ohio Alternate Yes Medium Cable (in Ohio markets)
Freeform Yes Medium Cable
FS1 Yes Medium Cable
FX Yes Medium Cable
FXM Yes Medium Cable
FXX No Medium Cable
Galavisión Yes Medium Cable
Golf Channel Yes Medium Cable
Hallmark Channel Yes Medium Cable
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Yes Medium Cable
Heroes & Icons No Medium Cable
HGTV Yes Medium Cable
History Channel Yes Medium Cable
HLN Yes Medium Cable
IFC Yes Medium Cable
Investigation Discovery Yes Medium Cable
Lifetime Yes Medium Cable
Lifetime Movie Network Yes Medium Cable
MSNBC Yes Medium Cable
MTV Yes Medium Cable
MTV2 No Medium Cable
National Geographic Yes Medium Cable
NBC Sports Network Yes Medium Cable
Nick Jr. No Medium Cable
Nickelodeon Yes Medium Cable
Nicktoons No Medium Cable
OWN No Medium Cable
Oxygen Yes Medium Cable
QVC Yes Medium Cable
SonLife Network No Medium Cable
Paramount Network Yes Medium Cable
SportsTime Ohio Yes Medium Cable (in Ohio markets)
Sundance Yes Medium Cable
SyFy Yes Medium Cable
TBS Yes Medium Cable
Tennis Channel Yes Medium Cable
The Weather Channel Yes Medium Cable
TLC Yes Medium Cable
TNT Yes Medium Cable
Travel Channel Yes Medium Cable
truTV Yes Medium Cable
Turner Classic Movies Yes Medium Cable
TV Land No Medium Cable
Univision Yes Medium Cable
USA Yes Medium Cable
Velocity HD Yes Medium Cable
VH1 Yes Medium Cable
WE TV Yes Medium Cable
WGN America Yes Medium Cable
Music Choice No Large Cable
Music Choice (50+ music channels) No Large Cable
HBO Yes Large Cable
HBO 2 Yes Large Cable
HBO Comedy Yes Large Cable
HBO Family Yes Large Cable
HBO Signature Yes Large Cable
HBO Zone Yes Large Cable
5StarMAX No Large Cable
ActionMAX No Large Cable
Cinemax Yes Large Cable
MAXLatino No Large Cable
MoreMAX Yes Large Cable
MovieMAX No Large Cable
OuterMAX No Large Cable
ThrillerMAX No Large Cable
Flix No Large Cable
Showtime 2 Yes Large Cable
Showtime Beyond No Large Cable
Showtime Extreme Yes Large Cable
Showtime FamilyZone No Large Cable
Showtime Next No Large Cable
Showtime Showcase Yes Large Cable
Showtime Women No Large Cable
Showtime Yes Large Cable
The Movie Channel Yes Large Cable
TMC Xtra No Large Cable
STARZ Cinema No Large Cable
STARZ Comedy Yes Large Cable
STARZ Edge Yes Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Action Yes Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Black Yes Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Classic No Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Family No Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Suspense No Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Westerns No Large Cable
STARZ ENCORE Yes Large Cable
STARZ InBlack Yes Large Cable
STARZ Kids and Family Yes Large Cable
STARZ Yes Large Cable
FOX College Sports - Atlantic+ No Large Cable
FOX College Sports - Central+ No Large Cable
FOX College Sports - Pacific+ No Large Cable
FOX Soccer Plus+ No Large Cable
NFL Redzone+ Yes Large Cable
Outdoor Channel+ No Large Cable
TVG2+ No Large Cable
MGM HD++ Yes Large Cable
Universal HD++ Yes Large Cable
American Heroes Channel No Large Cable
Big Ten 2 No Large Cable
Big Ten 3 No Large Cable
CBS Sports Network Yes Large Cable
BET Her No Large Cable
Chiller No Large Cable
CMT Music No Large Cable
Cooking Channel Yes Large Cable
Daystar No Large Cable
Destination America Yes Large Cable
Discovery Family Yes Large Cable
Discovery Life Channel No Large Cable
Disney Jr. No Large Cable
Disney XD Yes Large Cable
DIY Yes Large Cable
ESPN Classic No Large Cable
ESPN U Yes Large Cable
ESPNews Yes Large Cable
EWTN No Large Cable
Fusion No Large Cable
FYI Yes Large Cable
Lifetime Real Women No Large Cable
Logo No Large Cable
MTV Classics No Large Cable
NatGeo Wild Yes Large Cable
NFL Network Yes Large Cable
Nick 2 No Large Cable
Nick Music No Large Cable
POP Network Yes Large Cable
Science Yes Large Cable
SEC Network No Large Cable
Smithsonian Channel Yes Large Cable
Universal Kids Yes Large Cable
Teen Nick No Large Cable
The Word Network No Large Cable
TV One Yes Large Cable
VICELAND Yes Large Cable

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