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Whitney Portal
(formerly, Hunter Flat and Hunters Camp) is the end of the Whitney Portal
road in Inyo County, California, 13.7 miles (22 km) west of Lone Pine at an elevation of 8,374 feet (2,552 m).[1] Whitney Portal
is the gateway to Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States; it is the trailhead for the Mount Whitney
Mount Whitney
Trail. Campgrounds, parking lots, bearproof food storage facilities, a store and a restaurant are located at Whitney Portal.

Whitney Portal
Road approaches Whitney Portal

A road reached Whitney Portal
in 1936.[2] Previously, the place was called Hunter Flat in honor of William L. Hunter, an Owens Valley pioneer.[2] The road was used in scenes in at least two American feature films, High Sierra (1941), with Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart
and Ida Lupino, and The Long, Long Trailer
The Long, Long Trailer
(1954) with Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball
and Desi Arnaz.[citation needed]


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