Wet'n'Wild Palm Springs is a water park located in Palm Springs, California. The park operated under Cedar Fair's ownership as Knott's Soak City until 2013 when CNL Lifestyle Properties acquired it. It is one of seven water parks operating under the Wet'n'Wild brand globally.


Wet'n'Wild Palm Springs officially opened as Oasis Water Park by Waterpark Associates in 1986.[3] By 2001, Oasis Water Park spanned 16 acres (6.5 ha) of a 21-acre (8.5 ha) property, featured 20 attractions and had a seasonal attendance of 200,000 people.[4] In May 2001, Cedar Fair entered into an agreement to acquire the park.[5] The deal was finalised one month later for $9.1 million.[4] The park was immediately branded Knott's Oasis Water Park, with additional advertising driving revenues for the remainder of the year. At the conclusion of the 2001 season Cedar Fair reported the park was down 13% at the time of acquisition, however, this was turned around to a 13% increase by the end of the season under the park's new owners.[6]

The opening scenes of the 1987 film "North Shore" were filmed at the Oasis Water Park wave tank. In the film, the wave tank location where the surf contest takes place was actually depicted as Arizona. Actor Matt Adler portrays Arizona surfer Rick Kane who wins the state surfing competition and uses his contest winnings to travel to Hawaii's North Shore. The film also starred Nia Peeples, John Philbin, Gerry Lopez, and Gregory Harrison - though none of these actors appear in any of the films opening sequences.

In the 2001-2002 winter off-season, Cedar Fair invested $2 million into refurbishing and rebranding the park into a Knott's Soak City park, joining other locations in Chula Vista and Buena Park. The refurbishment included the park's gas chlorine sanitation system being replaced by a liquid chlorine equivalent, as well as the repainting and renaming of all slides to match the other Soak City parks. A Rain Fortress aqua play area by WhiteWater West was also added to the park, which reopened in March 2002.[3] The renovation of the park saw increases in attendance and revenue of "about 40%" in the 2002 season.[7]

On August 14, 2013, Cedar Fair announced it had sold its Palm Springs Soak City to CNL Lifestyle Properties. The park was allowed to operate under the Soak City name for the until the conclusion of the 2013 season.[8] In November 2013, CNL Lifestyle Properties completed their acquisition of the ownership and operational rights of Wet'n'Wild Hawaii and Wet'n'Wild Phoenix. As part of the transaction with Australian firm, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, CNL also acquired rights to the Wet'n'Wild brand in the United States.[9][10][11] In December 2013, CNL announced the Palm Springs water park would operate as Wet'n'Wild Palm Springs from the 2014 season.[2]


Name Description Height Requirement
FlowRider A Wave Loch FlowRider being added to the park by CNL Lifestyle Properties for the 2014 season.
Gremmie Lagoon Two children's slides and splash pool. Under 48"
Kahuna's Beach House A 4-story interactive Family Funhouse with water slides, hose jets, water curtains, and a 1,000 gallon dropping bucket. It was added to the park in 2002.
Pacific Spin A ProSlide Tornado water slide with drop of 60 feet (18 m) into a six-story funnel. It was added to the park in 2006. Over 48"
Pipeline Point Three water slides, two open air and one enclosed. Over 48", between 42" and 47" must wear life vest
Riptide Reef An 800, 000 gallon wave pool Over 48", under 48" must wear life vest
Sea Snake Enclosed water slide Over 48", between 42" and 47" must wear life vest
Sunset River A 600 feet (180 m) long lazy river Over 48", under 48" must wear life vest
Surf Rider A 60 feet (18 m) tall family raft ride Over 48", between 42" and 47" must wear life vest
Tidal Wave Tower Two seven-story high open air speed slides. Over 48"

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