The West Polesian microlanguage,[1] (Native name: Заходышнополіська волода, Zakhodyshnopoliska voloda; Ukrainian: Західнополіська мікромова, Zakhidnopolis'ka mikromova, Belarusian: Заходнепалеская мікрамова, Zakhodniepalieskaya mikramova) or dialect is spoken in Southwestern Belarus, in Northwestern Ukraine and in the bordering regions of Poland. It is also considered a Slavic microlanguage, in effect a transitional language between the Ukrainian and the Belarusian.

Its composition is said to be 40 percent Ukrainian, 5 percent Belarusian, 5 percent Polish, and 50 percent Polesian.[1]

West Polesian dialects are mostly used in everyday speech, though attempts have been made in 1990s by efforts of Nikolai Shelyagovich to develop a standard written language for the dialect.[2]


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