The Wesh–Chaman border crossing is one of the major international border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Located on the Pak-Afghan border, it leads north from the town of Chaman, Balochistan into Wesh in Spin Boldak, Kandahar province. More generally, it links the two provincial capitals: Quetta and Kandahar.

A brick, double-arched Friendship Gate, rising three stories tall, was erected in 2003. The gate facing towards Balochistan bears the words "Proud Pakistani" and "Pakistan First".[1][2][3] Its official hours run from morning to sunset, though smuggling may continue at night.[3]

United States military presence

The Wesh-Chaman border crossing has been used by international forces (ISAF) in Afghanistan as part of a major supply route stretching from the Port of Karachi to Kandahar,[4] with roughly 60 to 100 trucks traversing Chaman daily.[1] On January 18, 2010, ISAF commander General Stanley A. McChrystal visited the site after discussing the crossing's efficiency with Pakistani authorities.[5][6] A US-run Forward operating base (FOB) is located in Spin Boldak, which monitors the border crossing along with the Afghan Border Police and the Afghan National Army.


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