Wenceslao is a Spanish masculine given name, derived from Wenceslaus, itself a Latinized version of the Slavic names Vyacheslav, Václav, Wacław, Więcesław, etc. It may refer to: * Wences Casares, technology entrepreneur * Wenceslao Carrillo Alonso-Forjador, Spanish Socialist leader, father of Santiago Carrillo * Wenceslao Díaz, Mexican footballer * Wenceslao Díaz Gallegos (1834-1895), a medical doctor * Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, Spanish journalist and novelist * Wenceslao Figuereo, politician * Wenceslao Herrera Coyac, Mexican politician * Wenceslao Moguel, Mexican revolutionary * Wenceslao Moreno, ventriloquist, known as ''Señor Wences'' * Wenceslao Vinzons, Filipino politician and guerilla fighter against the Japanese occupation. {{given name Spanish masculine given names