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Week-End with Father
Week-End with Father
is a 1951 American comedy film directed by Douglas Sirk.


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Plot[edit] Their children are leaving New York City for summer camp, so Brad Stubbs wishes his two daughters goodbye and Jean Bowen does likewise with her sons. Neither being currently married, they meet again while walking their dogs, become acquainted and, quickly, engaged. Brad attempts to break the news to a woman he's been seeing, Phyllis Reynolds, an actress, but she misunderstands. Brad and Jean then travel to the camp to inform their kids. Handsome camp counselor Don Adams is instantly attracted to Jean, and the kids mock Brad when he is not as good at camp activities as Don is. Phyllis shows up, shocking Jean when she claims to be Brad's wife-to-be. In time, the children regret not accepting the new relationship and scheme to bring Brad and Jean back together, her boys even pretending to be lost in the woods so that Brad can be a hero and bring them home. Cast[edit]

Van Heflin
Van Heflin
as Brad Stubbs Patricia Neal
Patricia Neal
as Jean Bowen Virginia Field
Virginia Field
as Phyllis Reynolds Richard Denning
Richard Denning
as Don Adams Elvia Allman
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. G, Brad's housekeeper Frances E. Williams as Cleo, Jean's maid Gigi Perreau
Gigi Perreau
as Anne Stubbs Janine Perreau as Patty Stubbs Jimmy Hunt as Gary Bowen Tommy Rettig
Tommy Rettig
as David Bowen


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