Wards of Powys



Ward may refer to:

Division or unit

* Hospital ward, a hospital division, floor, or room set aside for a particular class or group of patients, for example the psychiatric ward *
Prison A prison, also known as a jail, gaol (dated, standard English, Australian, and historically in Canada), penitentiary (American English and Canadian English), detention center (or detention centre outside the US), correction center, correcti ...
ward, a division of a penal institution such as a prison * Ward (electoral subdivision), electoral district or unit of local government **
Ward (KPK) Ward is Administrative Unit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). It is notified in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013. Ward is same like Union Council, But Ward is new term and new demarcation by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government. While Union C ...
, local government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan ** Ward (South Africa) ** Wards of Bangladesh ** Wards of Germany **
Wards of Japan A is a subdivision of the cities of Japan that are large enough to have been designated by government ordinance.Wards of Myanmar ** Wards and electoral divisions of the United Kingdom ** Ward (United States) *** Wards of New Orleans * Ward (fortification), part of a castle * Ward (LDS Church), a local congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints *
Ward (Vietnam) Ward (phường), a type of third tier subdivision of Vietnam is divided into 11,162 units along with township and commune have equal status. Wards are subordinate to urban district, city A city is a human settlement of notable size.Goodal ...
, a type of third-tier subdivision of Vietnam

Entertainment, arts and media

* WOUF (AM), a radio station (750 AM) licensed to serve Petoskey, Michigan, United States, which held the call sign WARD from 2008 to 2021 *
Ward Cleaver Ward Cleaver Jr. is a fictional character in the American television sitcom '' Leave It to Beaver''. Ward and his wife, June, are often invoked as archetypal suburban parents of the 1950s babyboomers. At the start of the show, the couple are th ...
, a fictional character from the American television sitcom ''Leave It to Beaver'' * Warring Adolescents Revenge Division (WARD), organization in ''The Hardy Boys'' graphic novels * '' Watch and Ward'', a short novel by Henry James first published as a serial in 1871 and later as a book in 1878

Brands and enterprises

* Montgomery Ward, an online retailer and former department store chain * Ward Body Works, a school bus manufacturer, now IC Bus * Ward's, a publisher of ''Ward's AutoWorld'' and ''Ward's Dealer Business'' * Wards Brewing Company, a former English brewery, now a brand operated by Double Maxim Beer Company

Law and law enforcement

Ward (law) In law, a ward is a minor or incapacitated adult placed under the protection of a legal guardian or government entity, such as a court. Such a person may be referenced as a "ward of the court". Overview The wardship jurisdiction is an ancient j ...
, someone placed under the protection of a legal guardian *
Watchman (law enforcement) Watchmen were organised groups of men, usually authorised by a state, government, city, or society, to deter criminal activity and provide law enforcement as well as traditionally perform the services of public safety, fire watch, crime preven ...
, a security guard * Ward (feudal) * Justice Ward (disambiguation)


* Ward (surname) *
Ward (given name) Ward may refer to: People * Ward Armstrong (born 1956), American trial lawyer * Ward Bennett (1917–2003), American designer, artist and sculptor * Ward Beysen (1941–2005), Belgian politician and Freemason * Ward R. Bliss (1855-1905), Penns ...
* Ward, short form of the given names: **
Edward Edward is an English given name. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name ''Ēadweard'', composed of the elements '' ēad'' "wealth, fortune; prosperous" and '' weard'' "guardian, protector”. History The name Edward was very popular in Anglo-Sax ...
Howard Howard is an English-language given name originating from Old French Huard (or Houard) from a Germanic source similar to Old High German ''*Hugihard'' "heart-brave", or ''*Hoh-ward'', literally "high defender; chief guardian". It is also probabl ...
** Hereward


* Assal al-Ward, Syria * Ward, Castleknock, Ireland * Ward, New Zealand * Ward Beach, a section of coastline near Ward, NZ

United States

* Ward, Alabama * Ward, Arkansas * Ward, Colorado * Ward, Indiana * Ward, New York * Ward, South Carolina * Ward, South Dakota * Ward, Washington * Ward, West Virginia * Ward Reservation, Massachusetts * Ward Township, Todd County, Minnesota * Ward Township, Hocking County, Ohio * Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania


* , various United States Navy destroyers * , a U.S. Navy destroyer


* Ward (fencing), defensive position in the sport of fencing * The Ward (disambiguation) * Ward County (disambiguation) * "Ward", by C418 from '' Minecraft - Volume Beta'', 2013

See also

Warded lock A warded lock (also called a ward lock) is a type of lock that uses a set of obstructions, or ''wards'', to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The correct key has notches or slots corresponding to the obstructions in ...
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