Waldemar, Valdemar or Woldemar is an
Old High German Old High German (OHG, german: Althochdeutsch, German abbr. ) is the earliest stage of the German language The German language (, ) is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or c ...
given name. It consists of the elements ''wald-'' "power", "brightness" and ''-mar'' "fame". The name is considered the equivalent of the Slavic name
Vladimir Vladimir or Wladimir may refer to: Names * Vladimir (name) for the Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovenian spellings of a Slavic name * Uladzimir for the Belarusian version of the name * Volodymyr f ...
Volodymyr Volodymyr ( uk, Володи́мир, Volodýmyr, , orv, Володимѣръ) is a Ukrainian given name of Old East Slavic origin. The related Ancient Slavic, such as Czech, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, etc. form of the name, Володимѣръ ...
Uladzimir Uladzimir ( be, Уладзімір) is a given name. It is the Belarusian equivalent of Vladimir (russian: Владимир), Volodymyr ( ua, Володимир), and Włodzimierz (Polish). The name may refer to: * Vladimir Ignatik, Belarusian p ...
or Włodzimierz. The
Old Norse Old Norse, Old Nordic, or Old Scandinavian is a stage of development of North Germanic languages, North Germanic dialects before their final divergence into separate Nordic languages. Old Norse was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and t ...
form ''Valdamarr'' (also ''Valdarr'') occurs in the
Guðrúnarkviða II Guðrún has found Sigurd's horse Grani and has understood that Sigurd is dead. Illustration on a Faroes">Grani.html" ;"title="Sigurd's horse Grani">Sigurd's horse Grani and has understood that Sigurd is dead. Illustration on a Faroese stamp by Ank ...
as the name of a king of the Danes. The Old Norse form is also used in
Heimskringla ''Heimskringla'' () is the best known of the Old Norse kings' sagas ''Norges Kongesagaer'' Edited by Gustav Storm and Alexander Bugge Illustrated by Gerhard Munthe (1914) Kings' sagas ( is, konungasögur, no, kongesagaer) are saga, Old Norse sa ...
, in the story of
Harald Hardrada Harald Sigurdsson, also known as Harald of Norway (; – 25 September 1066) and given the epithet ''Hardrada'' (; modern no, Hardråde, roughly translated as "stern counsel" or "hard ruler") in the saga Sagas are prose stories and historie ...
, as the name of a ruler of Holmgard (Veliky Novgorod), in this case as a translation of the Slavic name ''Volodimer''.Alison Finlay (2004). ''Fagrskinna: A Catalogue of the Kings of Norway''. Brill
p. 236
The ''Fagrskinna'' kings' sagas also have ''Valdamarr'' as the translation of Slavic ''Volodimer''/''Vladimir'', in reference to both Vladimir the Great and Vladimir Yaroslavovich. The German form was introduced to Scandinavia as ''Valdemar'' in the 12th century, with king Valdemar I of Denmark.

People with the name


*Valdemar I of Denmark or Waldemar the Great (1131–1182), King of Denmark, one of the principal commanders of Battle of Verchen and Battle of Grathe Heath *Valdemar II of Denmark or Waldemar the Victorious (1170–1241), king of Denmark, one of the principal commanders of Livonian Crusade *Valdemar the Young (1209–1231) *Valdemar III of Denmark (1314–1364) *Waldemar I, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst (died 1368) *Waldemar II, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst (died 1371) *Valdemar IV of Denmark or ''Waldemar Otherday'' (c. 1320–1375) *Waldemar III, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst (died 1391) *Valdemar, King of Sweden (1239–1302) *Valdemar, Duke of Finland (c. 1282 – 1318) *Valdemar of Denmark (bishop) (1157/1158–1235 or 1236) *Prince Valdemar of Denmark (1858–1939) *Waldemar, Margrave of Brandenburg-Stendal or Waldemar the Great (c.1280–1319) *Prince Waldemar of Prussia (1868–1879), Prince Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar of Prussia (1868-1879), son of Emperor Frederick III *Prince Waldemar of Prussia (1889–1945), Prince Waldemar William Louis Frederick Victor of Prussia (1889-1945), son of Prince Henry and nephew of the previous *Prince Waldemar of Schaumburg-Lippe (1940–2020), son of Prince Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe (1898–1974), Prince Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe and Princess Feodora of Denmark, and the great-grandson of King Frederick VIII of Denmark *Woldemar, Prince of Lippe (1824–1895)


* Valdemar Costa Neto (born 1949), Brazilian politician * Valdemar Poulsen (1869-1942), Danish inventor * Woldemar Bargiel (1828-1897), German composer * Waldemar Baszanowski (1935-2011), Polish weightlifter * Waldemar Bonsels (1880-1952), German writer * S. Waldy, Waldemar Caerel Hunter (1919-1968), Indonesian actor * Waldemar Christofer Brøgger (geologist) (1851-1940), Norwegian geologist * Waldemar Christofer Brøgger (writer) (1911-1991), Norwegian writer * Waldemar Levy Cardoso (1900-2009), field Marshal of the Brazilian Army * Waldemar Cierpinski (born 1950), East German athlete * Waldemar Erfurth (1879-1971), German general * Waldemar Haffkine (1860-1930), Ukrainian bacteriologist * Woldemar Hägglund (1893-1963), Finnish major General during World War II, one of the principal commanders of Battle of Kollaa * Waldemar Hansteen (1857-1921), Norwegian architect * Waldemar Hoven (1903–1948), German Nazi physician involved in Aktion T4, Nazi euthanasia programs, executed for war crimes * Waldemar Hvoslef (1825-1906), Norwegian Lutheran bishop. * Waldemar Januszczak (born 1956), British art critic * Woldemar Kernig (1840-1917), Russian and Baltic German internist and neurologist whose medical discoveries saved thousands of people with meningitis * Waldemar Klingelhöfer (1900-1980), German Nazi SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) and convicted war criminal * Waldemar Kophamel (1880-1934), German U-boat commanding officer in the Imperial German Navy during World War I * Waldemar Legień (born 1963), Polish judoka * Waldemar Lemos (born 1954), Brazilian football (soccer) manager *Waldemar Lindgren (1860-1939), Swedish-American geologist, one of the founders of modern economic geology *Ulrich Friedrich Woldemar von Löwendal, Woldemar von Löwendal (1700-1755), German military officer and one of the principal commanders of Battle of Fontenoy *Waldemar Łysiak (born 1944), Polish writer *Waldemar Maciszewski (1927-1956), Polish pianist and composer *Waldemar Matuška (1932-2009), Czechoslovak singer *Waldemar Milewicz (1956-2004), Polish journalist *Waldemar Olszewski (born 1931), Polish lymphologist *Waldemar Pabst (1880-1970), German soldier and political activist, one of the principal commanders of German Revolution of 1918–1919 *Waldemar Pawlak (born 1959), Polish politician *Waldemar Prusik (born 1961), Polish footballer *Waldemar Sorychta (born 1967), German heavy metal musician and record producer *Waldemar Starosta (born 1961), Polish politician *Waldemar Thrane (1790-1828), Norwegian composer, violinist and conductor *Waldemar Verner (1914-1982), chief of the People's Navy (Volksmarine) of the National People's Army of the German Democratic Republic *Waldemar Victorino (born 1952), Uruguayan football player *Woldemar Voigt (1850-1919), German physician *Waldemar Witkowski (born 1953), Polish politician *Waldemar Wilenius (1868-1940), Finnish architect *Waldemar Young (1878-1938), American screenwriter

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