Tog Wajaale (also known as Wajaale) is a city on the border of Somaliland and Ethiopia[1]. It is the second largest city in Gabiley District after the capital Gabiley.


Tog Wajaale (also known as Wajaale) is a major hub city situated on the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland. It is now the busiest city that links between the two countries. All imports destined to Ethiopia from the major port of Berbera go through this strategic border city, with a twin Ethiopian sister city on the other side of the bordered (also called Wajaale).

The customs offices located here collect the tax revenue for the national government through the central bank of the district in Hargeisa, which is now becoming the largest source of revenue for the Somaliland federal government.


The city of Wajaale has a total population of around 70,450 inhabitants and is inhabited by people from the Somali ethnic group. The city is wholly dominated by the Yonis Jibril (Reer Yonis) sub-clan of the Jibril Abokor sub-division of the Habr Awal.[2][3][4]


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Coordinates: 09°36′03″N 043°20′09″E / 9.60083°N 43.33583°E / 9.60083; 43.33583