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WILLIAM HENRY GRATTAN FLOOD (baptised 1 November 1857 – 6 August 1928) was a noted Irish author, composer, musicologist, and historian. As a writer and ecclesiastical composer, his personal contributions to Irish music produced enduring works, although he is regarded today as a very controversial figure. As an historian, his output was prolific on topics of local and national historical or biographical interest.

In 1917, Flood was awarded the papal cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice by Pope Benedict XV
Pope Benedict XV
and in 1922 was elevated by Pope Leo XIII
Pope Leo XIII
to the Order of St Gregory with the title Chevalier , thereafter he was often called "Chevalier Flood". He is not to be confused with the unrelated Irish statesmen Henry Flood or Henry Grattan
Henry Grattan


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Flood was born in Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland . His family had a great influence on his education. He was born to William and Catherine (FitzSimon) Flood, the Master and Matron of the Lismore Union Workhouse . He had one older sister (Maria), and five brothers (Francis (his twin brother), Patrick, Frederick, George and James (who died in infancy). Flood received his elementary education at his grandfather's (Andrew FitzSimon) boys academy in Lismore, and was given music lessons by his aunt, Elizabeth FitzSimon. He quickly became an accomplished pianist and, at the age of nine, was invited to give a recital for the Duke of Devonshire
Duke of Devonshire
at Lismore Castle . He entered Mount Melleray in 1872 and graduated in 1876. During this time, he received private tuition in music from Sir Robert Prescott Stewart (1825–1894) and developed proficiency on other musical instruments. He was organist of St. Peter\'s Pro-Cathedral in Belfast (1878–82), the Cathedral of the Assumption in Thurles, Co. Tipperary (1882–8), Monaghan Cathedral (1888–94) and St. Aidan\'s Cathedral , Enniscorthy
(from September 1895). A devout Catholic, Flood entered St. Patrick\'s in Carlow, Co. Carlow
and spent several years studying for the priesthood. He taught music at the Jesuit Colleges of Tullabeg, Co. Offaly (1882–4), Clongowes Wood College