The Vukanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Вукановић, pl. Vukanovići / Вукановићи), also known as the Urošević (Serbian Cyrillic: Урошевић, pl. Uroševići / Урошевићи), was a medieval Serbian dynasty that reigned over Rascia and Zachlumia between late-11th century and mid-13th century. The house itself directly descended from the Vojislavljević, which ruled over medieval Serb lands. The dynasty was succeeded by its direct descendant, the Nemanjić.

The Vukanović was named after its founder, Vukan. However, the House itself was also known as the Urošević after Vukan's nephew, Uroš I, who was a powerful ruler and more well-known.

The rulers of this dynasty were split into two branches: the Rascian branch and the Zachumlian branch. Rulers of the Rascian branch wore the title Duke of Rascia from its foundation, while its Zachlumian branch wore the title Duke of Zachlumia. Other titles included Ban of Croatia, held by Beloš of the Rascian branch, Prince of Doclea (Zeta) and Travunia, held by Desa of the Rascian branch, and Count of Split, held by Petar of the Zachlumian branch. Other titles included Duke of Upper Zachlumia, held by Toljen II of the Zachlumian branch, Duke of Southern Zachlumia, held by Andrija of the Zachlumian branch, and Prince of the Seaside, also held by Andrija of the Zachlumian branch.

According to the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, Doclean king Constantine Bodin gained Rascia in 1083 / 84 and assigned two princes who lived in his castle, brothers Vukan and Marko, to govern Rascia. According to Mavro Orbini, Bodin split Rascia into two principalities, assigning one of the principalities to Vukan and the other to Marko.


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