The Volvo B7R is a coach chassis available with a range of bodies. It is promoted as a rear engined lightweight coach chassis. It is primarily intended for tourist and long-distance duties. B7R is also manufactured in China, Brazil, Hungary, India and Iran for use in regional transport services.

B7R is powered by Volvo D7E (previously D7A, D7B and D7C) six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. The D7E engine produces 290 hp with 1200 Nm of torque between 1050 and 1650 r/min.

It comes with a retarder incorporated into the gearbox. The retarder slows down the engine when brakes are applied. Once the engine slows down, disk brakes take over and bring the vehicle to complete stop, almost in an instant.

Its frame is a robust steel construction with a flat upper face. A flat upper face simplifies building bus body. It could be built with a maximum length of about 12.5 metres.

The B7R is also available as complete buses - the Volvo 7350 (for Mexico), Volvo 9400 (for India) and Volvo 8700. The B7R is the most widely used deluxe long distance bus in India and is employed by not only the state-owned transport corporations of the state of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh but also by private operators.

Volvo also developed a low-floor variant of B7R, known as the Volvo B7RLE, for intercity and city operations.

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