The Info List - Vlasina River

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The VLASINA (Serbian Cyrillic : Власина), is a river in southeastern Serbia
, a 68 km-long outflow of the Vlasina Lake
Vlasina Lake
and a right tributary to the Južna Morava, which also gives its name to the surrounding Vlasina


The Vlasina
flows out from the Vlasina Lake
Vlasina Lake
at an altitude of 1,213 m. Lake used to be a large, muddy peat bog , but in 1947-51 the Vlasina
was dammed by the long, earth dam and the bog was turned into an artificial lake. The river flows to the north, between the mountains of Čemernik on the west, and Gramada on the east. It flows through Crna Trava
Crna Trava
, regional and municipal center, and the villages of Brod, Krstićevo and Jabukovik, where it reaches the Lužnica mountain and receives the Gradska reka from the right.

The river bends to the west, along the southern slopes of Lužnica, and receives from the right the Tegošnica (at Donje Gare village) and the Lužnica (at Svođe). As the Vlasina
continues on the southernmost slopes of the Suva Planina
Suva Planina
and Babička Gora mountains, it reaches the town of Vlasotince and western parts of the low Leskovac field, part of the composite valley of the Južna Morava. After the villages of Batulovce and Stajkovce, the Vlasina
empties into the Južna Morava, east of the Leskovac 's eastern suburb of Mrštane .