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Vladimir (name) Vladimir (russian: Влади́мир) is a male Slavic names, Slavic given name of Old East Slavic, Old Slavic origin, now widespread throughout all Slavs, Slavic nations (in different forms and spellings). Etymology The Old Russian form of the ...
for the Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovenian spellings of a Slavic name * Uladzimir for the Belarusian version of the name * Volodymyr for the Ukrainian version of the name * Włodzimierz (given name) for the Polish version of the name * Valdemar for the Germanic version of the name


Vladimir, Russia Vladimir ( rus, Влади́мир, p=vlɐ'dʲimʲɪr, a=Ru-Владимир.ogg) is a types of inhabited localities in Russia, city and the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Klyazma River, to the east of Moscow. It ...
, a city in Russia * Vladimir Oblast, a federal subject of Russia * Vladimir-Suzdal, a medieval principality * Vladimir, Ulcinj, a village in Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro * Vladimir, Gorj, a commune in Gorj County, Romania * Vladimir, a village in Goiești Commune, Dolj County, Romania * Vladimir (river), a tributary of the Gilort in Gorj County, Romania * Volodymyr-Volynskyi, a city in Ukraine

Religious leaders

* Metropolitan Vladimir (disambiguation), multiple * Jovan Vladimir (d. 1016), ruler of Doclea and a saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church


* Vladimir Horowitz (1903–1989), a Russian American legendary classical virtuoso pianist and minor composer * Vladimir Ashkenazy (1937–), a Russian-Icelandic renowned classical pianist and conductor * Vladimir Shafranov (1946-), a Russian acclaimed jazz pianist


* Vladimir of Bulgaria (floruit, fl. 889–893), King of Bulgaria * Vladimir I of Kiev (980–1015), medieval ruler of Kievan Rus * Vladimir II Monomakh (1053–1125), Veliky Knyaz of Kievan Rus, prince of Kiev; also ruled in Rostov and Suzdal * Vladimir II Mstislavich (1132–1173), Prince of Dorogobuzh, Vladimir, and Volyn, Slutsk, Tripolye and Grand Prince of Kiev * Vladimir of Novgorod (1020–1052), Prince of Novgorod * Vladimir III Rurikovich (1187–1239), Prince of Pereyaslavl, Smolensk and Grand Prince of Kiev * Vladimir of Staritsa (1533–1569), Appanage Prince of Russia, cousin to Tsar Ivan the Terrible * Vlad II Dracul (1390–1447), Prince of Wallachia and Governor of Transylvania * Vlad III the Impaler (1431–1476), a.k.a. Dracula, Prince of Wallachia

Political and military leaders

* Vladimir the Bold (1353–1410), commander of the Muscovite armies in the 14th century * Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924), pseudonym of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and first leader of the Soviet Union * Vladimir Putin (b. 1952), current President of the Russian Federation


* Wladimir Balentien (b. 1984), an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners * Vladimir González (b. 1978), a Colombian road cyclist * Vladimir Guerrero (b. 1976), a baseball player * Wladimir Klitschko (b. 1976), a professional boxer * Vladimir Latocha (b. 1973), a French breaststroke swimmer * Vladimir Núñez (b. 1975), a Cuban Major League Baseball relief pitcher * Vladimir Timoshinin (b. 1970), a Russian diver * Vladimir Parfyonov (b. 1970), an Uzbekistani javelin thrower * Vladimir Popov (weightlifter) (b. 1977), a Moldovan weightlifter * Vladimir Portnoi (b. 1931), a Soviet Olympic silver and bronze medalist in gymnastics * Wladimir Ribeiro (b. 1967), a Brazilian swimmer * Vladimir Orlando Cardoso de Araújo Filho (b. 1989), a Brazilian footballer * Vladimir Kozlov, Oleg Prudius (a.k.a. Vladimir Kozlov) (b. 1972), a Ukrainian professional wrestler * Vladimir Vujović (footballer, born 1982), Vladimir Vujovic (b. 1982), a Montenegrin footballer who played for Bhayangkara F.C.

Fictional characters

* Vladimir (Waiting for Godot), also known as Vladimir "Albert" and "Didi", a character in Samuel Beckett's ''Waiting for Godot'' * Vovochka, diminutive form of Vladimir, common character in Russian jokes * Count Dracula, a.k.a. Vlad Dracula, from Bram Stoker's 1897 ''Dracula'' * Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper, a playable champion character in the MOBA video game ''League of Legends'' * Vlad Masters from Danny Phantom the TV show from Nickelodeon'' * Vlamidir, a character from ''My Life as a Teenage Robot'' * Vladimir Makarov, character from ''Call of Duty''

Actors, writers, poets

* Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky (1938–1980), an actor, poet, bard, and writer * Vladimir Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov (1899–1977), a multilingual Russian novelist


* Vladimír Havlík (b. 1959), a Czech action artist * Vladimir Kush (b. 1965), a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor

Other people

* Wladimir Köppen, creator of the Köppen climate classification


* ' Imperial Russian Navy ship

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