Vladimir, Gorj


Vladimir is a commune in
Gorj County Gorj County () is a county (județ) of Romania, in Oltenia, with its capital city at Târgu Jiu. Demographics In 2011, it had a population of 334,238 and its population density was 59.66/km2. * Romanians – over 98% * Roma in Romania, Roma, ...

Gorj County
Oltenia Oltenia (, also called Lesser Wallachia in antiquated versions, with the alternative Latin names ''Wallachia Minor'', ''Wallachia Alutana'', ''Wallachia Caesarea'' between 1718 and 1739) is a historical province and geographical region of Romania i ...

Romania Romania ( ; ro, România ) is a country at the crossroads of Central Central is an adjective usually referring to being in the center (disambiguation), center of some place or (mathematical) object. Central may also refer to: Directions ...

, with a population of 2,793. It is composed of four villages: Andreești, Frasin, Valea Deșului, and Vladimir.
Tudor Vladimirescu Tudor Vladimirescu (; c. 1780 – ) was a Romania Romania ( ; ro, România ) is a country located at the crossroads of Central Europe, Central, Eastern Europe, Eastern, and Southeast Europe, Southeastern Europe. It shares land borders wit ...

Tudor Vladimirescu
, the Romanian revolutionary hero and the leader of the
Wallachian uprising of 1821 The uprising of 1821 was a social and political rebellion in Wallachia, which was at the time a Vassal and tributary states of the Ottoman Empire, tributary state of the Ottoman Empire. It originated as a movement against the Phanariotes, Phanari ...
was born in the Vladimir village and the house where he was born is now a museum.



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