Vinotonus is a god from Celtic Mythology of which little is known. Only seven altars dedicated to Vinotonus have been found, all of which are on the Yorkshire Moors. As is common in Celtic Mythology, it is possible that Vinotonus was a local deity of Yorkshire. His name may mean "God of the Vines", and it is estimated that he may have been worshipped from BCE until about 5th century CE.

Romans found Vinotonus to be equivalent to Silvanus and that he was a wilderness god. It was common for the Romans to assign local deities of the Celts the names of popular Roman gods. Silvanus is also equated with the Celtic god Cocidius, of whom little is known as well, and with the god Nodens. It is possible that many local nature deities of the Celts were grouped under the name of Silvanus to the Romans, as is the case with Vinotonus.[1]

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